‘ The End of the World’

A planetarium of loss + grief: David Blandy sifts through the macro + micro of The End of the World at Seventeen, Nov 2 – Dec 16

1 November 2017
David Blandy is presenting solo exhibition The End of the World at London’s Seventeen opening November 2 and running to December 16.
The show will present an installation of new photographs, digital collage and three films that explore “the artist’s relationship to technology and memory, speculating about Armageddon and a loss of connection to the server.”
Entering the space like a planetarium, the audience will float between geology, silicon chips, technology, and cosmic matter in a narrative that focuses on micro moments of personal grief as well as the macro and incomprehensible ‘end times’ such as genocide and climate change. 
Visit the Seventeen website for details.**



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