Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos

Item Idem @ The Breeder, Oct 27 – Nov 28

27 October 2016

Item Idem is presenting solo exhibition Method of Loci at Athen’s The Breeder, opening October 27 and running to November 28.

The Parisian-born, New York-based artist and co-founder of art collective Shanzhai Biennial is showing a video and sculptural installation that comes as part of The Breeder Residency program curated by Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos. The curator’s accompanying essay describes the exhibition as “about everything that is happening right now”, and named after the Ancient Greek and Roman mnemonic device using spatial memory, or ‘memory palace’ as a method for efficient recall.

Referencing Bavarian King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle, that in turn influenced Walt Disney’s iconic ‘Cinderella Castle’ and which the artist connects to Disney’s 2013 animation film Frozen, Duval arranges a collection of sourced mass-marketed products and packagings in what becomes an urgent catalogue or depiction of rampant consumerism. The videos on show include 2013 video collaboration ‘JOSS’ with Chinese artist and filmmaker Cheng Ran, and a new medium-length film called ‘NUII’.

See The Breeder website for details.**

Item Idem, 'Method of Loci' (2016) @ The Breeder, Athens.
Item Idem, Method of Loci (2016) @ The Breeder, Athens.
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