Speed Show

Aram Bartholl’s LA Speed Show, Feb 18

17 February 2016

Artist Aram Bartholl will present a Speed Show in Los Angeles, the first of the series to be held in the City on the evening of February 18.

In 2010 Bartholl initiated the series of Speed Shows in Berlin. Its set up is an exhibition that can take place anywhere in an internet cafe displaying for a moment (or evening) works that already exist online, leaving the job of the curator simply to find a good harmony of things to channel into the cafe space.

“A lot has happened since 2010”, as Bartholl, who aqnb interviewed in 2013, states in the press release. He talks about how manifestos work and interestingly seems to be writing one as a press release that undoes a worded relationship between screens, the internet and artists.

This group Speed Show, at iPC Bang Internet Cafe includes work old (‘classic’) and new by the likes of JODI, Ann Hirsch, Parker Ito, Kate Durbin, Daniel Keller, Yung Jake, Petra Cortright and Nadja Buttendorf and many more.

Despite the dated format, the show’s premise is a moment pulled together in a room, and it kind of works to see and feel what it all looks like now, in one place -especially in a city like LA.

See the FB event page for details.**

Petra Cortright, Petwelt (2014) @ Société installation view. Courtesy the gallery.
Petra Cortright, Petwelt (2014) @ Société installation view. Courtesy the gallery.

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‘Speed Show [2.0]’ @ Kubrick, Hong Kong, Dec 8

4 December 2013

A new installment of artist Aram Bartholl‘s Speed Show is running at Hong Kong’s Kubrick Web Shop, on December 8.

Local and international artists Audrey Samson, Daniel Howe, Fannie Ng, Olia Lialina, Tonio Mundry, Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard will exhibit work exploring “the playful, political, and aesthetic possibilities” of the internet-as-medium in itself. The one-off event follows Berlin-based artist Bartholl’s concept of presenting “browser based internet art” in the context of an exhibition opening, the public cybercafe becoming the gallery. The implications, from an inclusive, DIY perspective, are endless.

See the Speed Show website for details. **

Tonio Mundry, ‘Kinect_Selfie_!’
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