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Ghislaine Leung @ Studio Voltaire, May 11

10 May 2016

Ghislaine Leung is presenting a new performance called Soft Opening Shut at London’s Studio Voltaire on May 11.

The event comes in response to the current exhibition by Philadelphia-based artist Sharon Hayes, In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You, running to June 5.

Presented will be a series of tracks, texts and music that, according to the press release “play out the intimacies and withdrawals of living with each other and ourselves” and make way to explore formal registers of public speaking, including interior monologue, reading and recital.

Leung, who is an editor for Versuch Press and a member of temporary bookshop PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN, applies her practice to writing about shows that she feels strongly about, forming responses to older artworks, like Bruce Nauman’s ‘Violent Incident’, which was curated into a group show of the same name by Calley Spooner at Middelburg’s Vleeshal Zusterstraat, and enacting gestures of display and reveal. She generally works around the gap (or transformation) between intimacy and presentation.

Hayes too works with both the content and display of archives, and for In My Little Corner… re-stages some of the most affective forms of presentation she has encountered.

See the Studio Voltaire event page for more details.**

Cally Spooner, On False Tears and Outsourcing (2015) Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist and the gallery Vleeshal.
Cally Spooner, On False Tears and Outsourcing (2015) Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist and the gallery Vleeshal.

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Ways of Living @ DRAF, Apr 14 – Jul 23

14 April 2016

Arcadia Missa is curating the Ways of Living group exhibition at London’s David Robert Arts Foundation (DRAF), opening April 14 and running to July 23.

Presented as the ninth edition of the Curators’ Series, the self-organised space will present works by 16 artists —emergent and historical —who “occupy and transform spaces”. Those artists whose practices aim to politicise the places that locate them include Hannah Black, Sharon Hayes, Holly WhitePeter Hujar and Jesse Darling among others.

The event, that seeks work that functions in a way that is “inverse to the individualised, satellite modes in which we are increasingly expected to work” will open with a new performance by Beatrice Loft Schulz and DJ sets from Juliana Huxtable and Goth Tech.

Other artists involved include Bernd and Hilla Becher, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Paul Thek, Lena Tutunjian, Anne Imhof and Adrian Piper.

See the DRAF website for details.**

Jesse Darling, 'Saint Batman' (2016). Courtesy the artist + Arcadia Missa, London.
Jesse Darling, ‘Saint Batman’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + Arcadia Missa, London.
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