Seth Birchall

To hell + back on the hero’s transformative journey for Master of Three Worlds at COMA, Aug 4 – Sep 10

1 August 2017

The Master of Three Worlds group exhibition is on at Sydney’s COMA gallery, opening August 4 and running to September 10.

The show explores new developments, friendships, adaptations and ways in which “practice expands and changes over time,” and includes work by Seth BirchallChristopher DayEugene Choi, Mason Kimber, Jason PhuTom Polo and Marian Tubbs

The exhibition title references The Hero’s Journey narrative template in which “a protagonist is exposed to unexpected hardship and trial and returns to their initial setting having completed a transformative journey.”

Visit the COMA website for details.**

Quake II (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Marian Tubbs + Arcadia Missa, London.
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