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List of nominees for 31st Ficomic

26 February 2013

There will be a good number of works this year @ Barcelona’s Ficomic fest competing to win the always respected “Best Spanish work of the year” prize. 10 outstanding works to be more precise, some of which we’ve already covered like the extremely celebrated and also animated “Cenizas” by Álvaro Ortiz, or those works which few expected and came as a gratifying surprise from veteran Max … “Vapor”, but we have to admit we have a soft spot for David Sánchez’s “No cambies Nunca” on Astiberri.

No Cambies Nunca – David Sanchez

Perhaps using a personal style and subjects which aren’t that traditional or common in the Spanish comic panorama, David Sánchez brings the crazy scientific world to his second work, where a futuristic Seoul hosts baby monsters, green-skinned women and a good number of egomaniacs.

No Cambies Nunca - David Sanchez (P3)
No Cambies Nunca – David Sanchez (P3)

“Don’t ever change” as we just said is one of the 10 nominees, but there are many other authors competing in 3 other awarded categories where names like Shintaro Kago or  Pablo Ríos add some foreign and younger flavors to the fest. The names were announced last Saturday and we’ll get to know the winners early April.

No Cambies Nunca - David Sanchez (P4)
No Cambies Nunca – David Sanchez (P4)

Good Luck David!

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