, 10 October 2012

New graphic novel from the hands of “Max“, one of the most international comic authors from Barcelona (aka Francesc Capdevila), a survivor from the classic group of authors that made of El Vibora one of the most successful comic magazines in Spain.

Vapor cover
Vapor cover

In “Vapor”, released next week on Ed. La Cúpula, we’ll get to know Nicodem (or Nick), who’s grown tired of this noisy world and society where everything seems to be a big busy show-business. So he decides to retire like a modern hermit to the solitude of the desert, hoping to find the meaning of things and a real place for meditation.

Unfortunately for him even the desert has its own distractions. After countless doubts & hardships he’ll end up being seduced by desert queen Sheba and her parade… but deep down he knows that if he manages to resist this last distraction the veil of appearances and pretensions will disappear, and he will, finally, get to know this world’s real truth.

Vapor will be released initially in Spanish & Catalan, and hopefully, much like his highly successful and surrealist Bardin, it will be translated into many more languages.

Vapor image
Vapor image (all images via La Cupula & MaxVapor)