Vimeo gets a redesign

8 February 2012

A much needed revamp for the arty video community which hadn’t changed their visual appeal in ages (pretty much since it appeared back in 2004). And taking into account the explosion of “creative networks” elsewhere on the net, and the constant evolution of the utubes & dailymotions, well, it’s more than welcome.

Vimeo promises a “harder, faster, better stronger” place, or something similar. The new design is sort of a beta version as some functionalities may not work 500% bugless, but it should bring a more cinematic experience (vimeo is, after all, still the best place to enjoy quality clips, shorts & animation… for free, if not we would be talking about Mubi of corz), better browsing (with an auto-hiding top bar) and a better integration of the whole “social” concept this community is about.

Things we like: the new search with better filtering options, oh god, why didn’t they implement this before? Like searching for Creative Commons videos (just like Flickr does), amazing when looking for material to add to your posts and works.

Vimeo redesign - the share & embed box now alows social tools
Vimeo redesign - the share & embed box now alows social tools

Or the much much much mUCH needed integration with other social tools like facebook & twitter not only for contact integration but with sharing purposes, although… the fb, twitter or g+ buttons aren’t present on the video pages themselves… which is still an obstacle when having to share something you like real quick (more than 2 clicks and a page load in the middle? bah!).

What remains unchanged is the classic snappy and wonderfully elegant player, hopefully it will never change 😉

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new twitter

17 September 2010

Seems like navigating out of your twitter stream for watching, reading or having a look at what other people are sharing and talking about will no longer be necessary when Twitter finishes rolling out their massive redesign in a few weeks…

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