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A-or-ist no. 2 launch @ Raven Row, June 11

10 June 2016

The A-or-ist no. 2: A kind of care or sustenance publication is launching at London’s Raven Row on June 11.

The event, organised by A-orist‘s co-contributors-editors, launches the second edition of writing “on art and other subjects”, published by Eros Press, under the theme ‘a place for the elsewhere unfinished or otherwise disallowed’. It explores what it means to ‘take care’ of someone in an era where state responsibility is receding, and questions whether we’re past caring entirely.

Celebrating the launch are presentations from a number of people, including  a screening of A History of Lincoln Detox (excerpt no. 2) (2016) by Jenna Bliss, followed by comments from Arran James, a mental health nurse and contributor to independent media platform openDemocracy.

Alice Hattrick will read from a regular column on perfume, ‘According to Alice’, and Caspar Heinemann presents two poems in development. Darren Banks has made a special edit of his film Object Cinema (2015) for the event, with a response by Jamie Sutcliffe reading an A-orist contribution. Meanwhile, writer and publisher Huw Lemmey will show a visual work called ‘Pig Curious’, and saxophonist Seymour Wright will perform a sound work written especially for the launch.

See the Raven Row website for further details.**

Caspar Heinemann, nothing is the end of the world they made (2016). Exhibition view. Photo by Georg Petermichl. Courtesy the artist + Kevin Space, Vienna.
Caspar Heinemann, nothing is the end of the world they made (2016). Exhibition view. Photo by Georg Petermichl. Courtesy the artist + Kevin Space, Vienna.

Header image: A-or-ist no. 2: A kind of care or sustenance. Published by Eros Press, June 2016.

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Now You Can Go, Dec 1 – 13

30 November 2015

The Now You Can Go two-week events programme that considers “feminism, art and activism”, launches today and will be presented across London at The ShowroomICASpace Studios and Raven Row from December 1 to 13.

Inspired by Italian feminisms—including Rivolta Femminile (Female Revolt), Libreria delle Donne di Milano (Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective), and Lotta Femminista (Feminist Struggle)—and growing out of Space Studios’ Feminist Duration Reading Group, the series focuses on the “feminism concepts of generation and genealogy”, as well as art and activism.

The programme includes a panel discussion with (among others) Guardian journalist Dawn Foster and artist Pablo Pakula, a two-night lecture and workshop with Nina Wakeford, as well as a two-day workshop led by Alex Martinis Roe.

See the website for details. **


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More is More

12 November 2012

An initial concern before visiting APG retrospective The Individual and the Organisation: Artist Placement Group 1966-79 at Raven Row is that the exhibition (put together by Antony Hudek and Alex Sainsbury in collaboration with Barbara Steveni) would engender an idea of the Artist Placement Group as in some way a collective. But this is a feeling that is repeatedly dispelled both in the layout of the show and in the accompanying exhibition guide.

APG Retrospective at Raven's Row. Ground  Floor Collected Work.
APG Retrospective at Raven Row. Ground Floor Collected Work. Image courtesy of Xander Mitchell.

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