And it Came to Pass – Not to Stay

3 July 2012

There are never enough acid trips in a lifetime, never enough zen oniric multidimensional experiences during our Ibiza summer weekends. Although last weekend there was no need of a Balearic island nor a torrid Spanish sun to enjoy Rob Heppell’s last clip. It was the uber-trendy Brick Lane Coffee House which hosted a screening as part of the pre= East End Film festival  program (the festival which btw opens tonight!).

Rob’s clip will also be streaming later on this month in Gaza City as part of Windows for Gaza‘s Video Art Festival.

Still from And it Came to Pass - Not to Stay
Still from And it Came to Pass – Not to Stay

A meditation on the impermanence of situations“, built in 3D from footage gleaned by projecting colours onto snow and based on Buckminster Fuller’s assertion on impermanence and which Rob describes as something halfway between a play with colour fields and a psychedelic science-fiction war. Hope he uploads it to the web soon.

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Viaje Astral

6 March 2012

I must have some kind of epileptic-phobia or a lack-of-epilepsy-complex because I always end up posting pretty much any video, film or clip which has some level of flashy multi-colored elements in it. If Neon Indian doesn’t release his monthly flashy clip… someone else will!

And who do we have this month? A bunch of Italian kings! From Rome… RedBull Music Academy participant Beniamino Petroselli (aka Venice) together with the “freshly born” Dumbo gets mad who dropped their even more psychedelic debut LP just over a year ago.

Intriguing to see what sort of “rocky trippy” experience these 6 have prepared for us and verify what we all have come to realise lately… that Italians do it (in fact) better. “Viaje Astral” can be streamed (and bought) on their collaborative bandcamp page.

Venice and Dumbo Gets Mad - track cover
Venice and Dumbo Gets Mad - track cover

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the tangible electrophonic drumstick

15 May 2011

Cory Levinson (alias Kohwi) is one of those hidden talents whose works & witty sounds still need a bit of polishing, but sound spatially and astronomically perfect. Like many psychedelic kids from the new generation. Although today we ask him to join our fray not for his great compositions (that you should definitely check out on his soundcloud & bandcamp) but for his latest device.

And it’s true when our friend John Kay insists that the best new sounds & groups come from the DIY music scene. In the case of Cory, his latest creation comes in the form of a tangible electrophonic drumstick! His new musical instrument was designed & built as part of his coursework at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast. He integrated it into his Kohwi lives during his European tour over the past two months.

His new work “Hidden Trees” should be out very very zoon!

Hidden Trees by Kohwi

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