Palazzo Peckham

Cécile B. Evans – ‘Made With Minds’

24 June 2013

Based between London and Berlin, Cécile B. Evans produced a video work in the surrounds of  Palazzo Peckham during this year’s Venice Biennale. The buzz of the major art exhibition, the collective launched American Medium Network, illustrating the growing engagement with popular culture and mass media by emerging artists and Evans’ video piece is no different.

Here she intersperses footage of the art space with obscured female head features and gaudy graphics with a pitched-down narrative of modern malaise before pulling out a quote from Ciara’s ‘Like a Boy‘: “we’d be out. Four in the morning, on the corner rolling, doing our own thing”. The uneasy collusion of art and popular culture just got a whole lot more unsettling. **

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Palazzo Peckham launching American Medium Network

28 May 2013

From South London’s vibrant art community in Peckham to the global art world of Venice’s 55th Biennale, Palazzo Peckham will be launching American Medium Network from their current location in the Italian island’s Castello district, May 28.

Featuring artists from across the globe, including Jon Rafman, Andrew Norman Wilson, Ed Fornieles and Jasper Spicero, the event will launch in physical space with a performance by MSHR and DJ set from Hannah Perry, while the network will feature new episodes and programs throughout the year. That includes transdisciplinary art and talk show Clump TV, hosted by NYC performer and artist Colin Self, KK/OK, created by Jake Dibeler and Mia Ardito and I, Decay, hosted by Ann Hirsch. See the American Medium Network website for more details.**

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