Olga Pedan

Unfinished Symphony @ Gillmeier Rech, Jul 1 – 30

1 July 2016

The Unfinished Symphony group exhibition is on at Berlin’s Gillmeier Rech, opening July 1 and running to July 30.

Curated by Vivien Trommer, the show features work by Mariechen Danz, Charlotte Dualé, Olga Pedan, Andrzej Steinbach, and K-Hole‘s Dena Yago and comes accompanied by a short description in German on the FB event page.

A rough translation of the text suggests the exhibition explores the principle of the ‘unfinished’ in contemporary art, where since the turn of the 20th century the idea of the open work —in which the object is only complete upon its perception by its audience —now prevails.

Referencing Juliane Rebentisch’s subject-object distinctions in installation art and speculative realist philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s correlationism between artwork and reflective subject, Unfinished Symphony expands on these ideas and presents works that appear as complex singular yet interrelated object arrangements with an internal logic that together become a form of modern symphony.

See the Gillmeier Rech website for (limited) details.**

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We do not speak but confine ourselves… @ ICA, Jun 22

21 June 2016

The We do not speak but confine ourselves briefly to the surface (a dramaturgy of interiority) evening event is happening at London’s ICA on June 22.

Reflecting on the work of ceramic artist Betty Woodman, the trans-generational live event builds on the format of a screening to create a situation between theatre and exhibition using films, objects, movement, singing and speaking, while reflecting on interiority as a collective experience and “the affective potential of the surface”. It takes its title from J.W. Goethe’s Theory of Colours and aims to think through “feminised expectations and the possibility of an event as a decorative object”.

Artists, writers, performers and film makers taking part include Hanne Lippard, Chantal Akerman, Susanna Davies-Crook, Christina Chalmers, Laura Morrison, Quinn Latimer & Paolo Thoraten-Nagel, and Nina Wakeford among others, as well as Sara Kathryn Arledge, Carys Briggs, Lauren Godfrey, Natalie Häusler, Tamara Henderson, Laida Lerxtundi, Rose O’Gallivan, Olga Pedan, Lisa Robertson, and Katie Schwab.

See the ICA website for details.**

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