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We do not speak but confine ourselves… @ ICA, Jun 22

21 June 2016

The We do not speak but confine ourselves briefly to the surface (a dramaturgy of interiority) evening event is happening at London’s ICA on June 22.

Reflecting on the work of ceramic artist Betty Woodman, the trans-generational live event builds on the format of a screening to create a situation between theatre and exhibition using films, objects, movement, singing and speaking, while reflecting on interiority as a collective experience and “the affective potential of the surface”. It takes its title from J.W. Goethe’s Theory of Colours and aims to think through “feminised expectations and the possibility of an event as a decorative object”.

Artists, writers, performers and film makers taking part include Hanne Lippard, Chantal Akerman, Susanna Davies-Crook, Christina Chalmers, Laura Morrison, Quinn Latimer & Paolo Thoraten-Nagel, and Nina Wakeford among others, as well as Sara Kathryn Arledge, Carys Briggs, Lauren Godfrey, Natalie Häusler, Tamara Henderson, Laida Lerxtundi, Rose O’Gallivan, Olga Pedan, Lisa Robertson, and Katie Schwab.

See the ICA website for details.**

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Ψ (Psi) @ Fokidos, Nov 16 – Dec 21

16 November 2015

The Ψ (Psi) group project launches in Fokidos this week, running in the Athens space from November 16 to December 21.

The project, conceived in December of 2014 in the Dutch city of Maastricht (and “under the shade of Sol LeWitt’s Wall drawing #801: Spiral”), will finally materialise in the Greek city under the curatorial direction of Pádraic E. Moore and Sofia Stevi.

The project, which is primarily concerned with “the transfer of thoughts from one person’s mind to another”, features the works of seven artists including Sophia Al Maria and Quinn Latimer.

The artists are asked to provide in writing an idea or image that possessed some sort of personal significance, and these ideas are then translated into “gouache paintings” by artist Navine G. Khan-Dossos directly on the walls of the space.

See the Fokidos website for details. **


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Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken @ GSS, Jul 4 – Sep 6

3 July 2014

An exhibition titled Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken will be running at the Glasgow Sculpture Studio (GSS) from July 4 to September 6.

The exhibition, curated by writer and curator Quinn Latimer, takes on the “dual strategies of craft and appropriation” through an extensive group show featuring the works of Rachel Adams, James McLardyJennifer Bailey and more.

See the GSS exhibition page for details. **


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Salon Talks @ Art Basel, Jun 19 – Jun 22

12 June 2014

Art Basel is hosting a series of salon-style discussions running as part of the larger art fair from June 19 to June 22.

Exploring a range of topics spanning the contemporary art scene, the Salon programme features dozens of prominent artists, gallerists, curators, art historians, publishers, poets, architects, collectors, and critics taking part in the often informal presentations.

The first of the Salon talks, scheduled for June 19, includes discussions of art markets with Josh Baer and art collector David Mugrabi, artist talks with Sam Falls and Nick Mauss among others, as well as a group poetry reading featuring Harry Burke, Deanna Havas, Karl Holmqvist, Paul Kneale, Quinn Latimer, and Megan Rooney.

On the same day there’ll be Serpentine Gallery co-director and curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist talking ‘Living Sculptures’, while on June 20 there’ll be discussion from artists involved in last year’s Speculations on Anonymous Materials. They’ll be Ed Atkins, Alisa Baremboym, Josh Kline and Katja Novitskova before a Xu Zhen book presentation with Philip Tinari of UCCA.

June 21 will feature Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Andrew Norman Wilson in conversation with Lunch Bytes director Melanie Bühler on ‘Art & Commerce’. That’s before ‘Art Practices Beyond the Contextual Narrative in the Middle East’ with Umer Butt of Dubai’s Grey Noise as well as artists Gregory Buchakjian, Pascal Hachem and Basim Magdy.

Finally on June 22 there’s a talk on ‘Revolt of Language with Marcel Broodthaers’ that includes writer behind ‘Faith Money Love’ and the recent COOKIE! publication Jan Verwoert.

See the Art Basel Salon programme for details. **

0% Promise by Megan Rooney. Image courtesy artist.
0% Promise by Megan Rooney. Image courtesy artist.
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read the room/you’ve got to @ SALTS, Jun 19 – Jul 21

11 June 2014

The read the room / you’ve got to group show is taking place at Birsfelden, Switzerland’s SALTS space, running June 19 to July 21.

Drawing inspiration from the artists-architects-poets group the Reversible Destiny Foundation and pulling a quote from founders Arakawa and Madeline Gins’ The Mechanism of Meaning, the exhibition comes as part of curator and poet Quinn Latimer‘s The Printed Room begun in 2013.

As a program based on “changing exhibitions of printed material and a series of literary-minded readings, lectures, concerts, and performances” this instalment will feature the work of a number of prominent artists and writers, including Etel Adnan, John Kelsey of Bernadette Corporation, and Karl Holmqvist, as well as Sophie Jung, Paul Kneale, Harry Burke and Megan Rooney.

See the SALTS Facebook event page for details. **


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