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YGRG 151: Folding City event reading Hao Jingfang + featured performances at Tallinn’s Konstanet, Dec 2

28 November 2017

The Young Girl Reading Group 151: Folding City event at Tallinn’s Konstanet takes place on December 2.

Run by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, YGRG is a platform that brings together “a rhizomatic network of voices, suggestions and references” to explore shared “curiosity and synchronicity.” Event 151 Folding City will focus on the reading of Hao Jingfang’s Folding Beijing.

The evening will also host performances by Maria Metsalu, Pire Sova, Keiu Krikmann, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, feature costumes by  YGRG and Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, sound by Brooklyn Bridge and end with a DJ set by Norman Orro.

Read our interview with online + IRL space Konstanet here.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Maria Metsalu, ‘Mademoiselle X’ Performance view, with carpet by Merike Estna, 2017. Produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Photo: Alan Proosa.
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Club Konstanet @ EKKM, Aug 28 – 29

28 August 2015

The non-profit Estonian gallery Konstanet is celebrating its second birthday with a party at the Contemporary Art Museum Estonia (EKKM) in Tallinn on August 28 that will go well into the morning of August 29.

The party will bring together DJ sets from eight different artists—including Pageant, Music For Your Plants, Dodo Mundo, NTS Radio’s ‘Unthinkable (with J.G. Biberkopf), Florian Wahl, Shift Tides, Maximilian Schmoetzer, and Pire Sovawith—with music going from 10pm until 5am the following day.

Alongside the music will be visuals by Unthinkable, Ando Naulainen, and Norman Orro

See the FB event page for details. **

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