Nils Norman

Sidsel Meineche Hansen + Nils Norman @ The Old Operating Theatre, May 11

9 May 2016

London’s Cell Project Space is presenting a conversation between artists Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Nils Norman at The Old Operating Theatre on May 11.

The discussion comes as part of Cell’s current exhibition A Partition, running to June 12, organised by Rebecca Lewin and featuring video piece ‘All Doors and No Exits’ by Josh Bitelli, which is installed across two locations: the gallery itself and The Old Operating Theatre, where the conversation will take place.

The artists will discuss two group-based projects: Norman’s Parasite (1997-8), which was “a self-organised activity that piggybacked specific art institutional infrastructures in exchange for content provision”, and Hansen’s ‘CULTURAL CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT #1’ (2016) made with the artists Manuela Gernedel, Alan Michael, Georgie Nettell, Oliver Rees, Matthew Richardson, Gili Tal and Lena Tutunjian.

Taking as its model the difference between a partition and a parasite outlined in a text by Michael Serres, the exhibition and this discussion are centred around current thoughts that are arguably prevalent in Contemporary Art and amongst its artists about partitioning away from systems and providing alternatives contexts to make and be in, if not, at least, in the form of expressed desires.

See the Cell Project Space website for more details.**

Gili Tal, PANORAMIC VIEWS OF THE CITY. (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Sandy Brown, Berlin.
Gili Tal, PANORAMIC VIEWS OF THE CITY. (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Sandy Brown, Berlin.


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A Partition @ Cell Project Space, Apr 28 – June 12

27 April 2016

Exhibition and event series, A Partition, co-ordinated by London’s Cell Project Space and featuring a solo presentation by artist Josh Bitelli is on across two locations, opening April 28 and running to June 12.

In the gallery, London-based Bitelli will show a new video work that presents a combination of scripted and improvised actions performed by a group of healthcare professionals, which gradually begins to disintegrate the more learned knowledge is applied (and prescribed by systems of care).

Meanwhile, in The Old Operating Theatre, a few miles away, there will be a series of events initiated by curator Rebecca Lewin with contributions from Sidsel Meineche HansenNils Norman and others.

A Partition will examine and unpick ideas of transactional exchanges within the art world and society at large, taking its title from philosopher Michal Serres’ text, The Parasite, which describes a parasite as a key agent in social and economic relations because of the way they affect the behaviours of those around them, making them a crucial catalyst in the evolution of said relations. A partition, on the other hand is something —or someone —separate from these systems.

Artist and producer Hansen has invited Nils Norman to discuss projects, ‘Norman’s Parasite’ (1997-8), a self-organised activity that piggybacked specific art-institutional infrastructures in exchange for content provision, and will also introduce to this unusually structured show the group-based project, CULTURAL CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT #1 (2016), who are a part of Hansen’s current show Second Sex War at Gasworks, which aqnb recently reviewed.

See the Cell Project Space exhibition page for more details.**

Josh Bitelli, Tara Has No Rooms Inside (2015) installation view. Courtesy the artist.
Josh Bitelli, Tara Has No Rooms Inside (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist.
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Vandalism and Art @ SLG, Jul 22

21 July 2014

South London Gallery is hosting a panel discussion titled Vandalism & Art with Simon and Tom Bloor on July 22, 7pm at their Clore Studio space.

The brother-duo, responsible for the creation of Birmingham’s Eastside Projects, works in a range of media, including drawing, sculpture and installation, bringing their eclectic style to everything from solo exhibitions to public projects.

For the panel discussion (chaired by Jo Melvin), the Bloors will explore the ideas they developed during their residency at Flat Time House (and where they now have an exhibition), also welcoming curator Jes Fernie, artist Nils Norman and art historian Richard Clay, into a conversation about vandalism, public art and the art of appropriation.

See the South London Gallery’s event page for details. **


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