Molly Soda

Molly Soda @ Annka Kultys Gallery, Nov 24 – Jan 16

24 November 2015

Annka Kultys Gallery opens Molly Soda‘s first non-US solo exhibition with From My Bedroom to Yours, running at the London space from November 24 to January 16.

Soda’s new show is composed of twenty new works created in a selection of digital platforms, including NewHive, GIFs and videos. In fact, the digital public is where it’s at for the Detroit-based digital artist—taking the private behaviours of girls in their bedrooms, making them public, and evaluating the consequences, both for the individuals and the consuming public.

The combination of “tween Tumblr aesthetic”, kitsch and “lowbrow internet culture” with a kind of unmade-but-made confessionalism is what creates intimacy—that and the recreation of Soda’s own bedroom within the walls of the gallery.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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‘GIFs and Glitter’ @ The Royal Standard, Dec 6

3 December 2013

Liverpool’s The Royal Standard will be launching the Different Domain group exhibition with an opening party, GIFs AND GLITTER, on December 6.

The event will feature work and performance from artists Molly Soda, Jesse Darling and Erica Scourti, a full wall of GIFs and a second installment of Glitch Karaoke, as well as an audio-visual presentation from Deep Hedonia, plus DJs.

See the Royal Standard website for details. **

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