Michael E. Smith

Albert the kid is ghosting @ DRAF, Sept 25 – Dec 12

22 September 2015

David Roberts Art Foundation opens a new group exhibition of rarely seen artworks from their collection, titled Albert the kid is ghosting and occupying the whole DRAF building from September 25 to December 12.

Th group show features the works of Etel Adnan, Ida Applebroog, Philip Guston, Sergej Jensen, Hans Josephsohn, Oscar Murillo, Andreas Slominski and Michael E. Smith, who are introduced as “accomplices of an uncanny fiction”.

The exhibition transforms the art space into an “unsettling mise-en-scene of defiance: a crime scene”, presenting each work in a precisely-designed environment—from Josephsohn’s brass head to Guston’s wall of dark floral wallpaper.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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Present Fictions @ DRAF, Mar 28-29

26 March 2014

A two-day programme of events, Present Fictions, is on at London’s David Roberts Art Foundation, running March 28 to 29.

Including screenings, performance lectures and discussions, the focus is on exploring the relationship of technology and information with visual culture, poetry, science fiction and narrative structures.

Events worth checking out include a screening of works by Hannah Black, Hannah Perry and Richard Sides on the afternoon of Friday, March 28, as well as a talk, ‘From Production to Consumption’.

On Saturday, there’ll be readings and distributed texts at Ami Clarke of Banner Repeater‘s ‘Unidentified Fictionary Objects’, including performances by Erica Scourti and Jesse Darling. There’s poetry reading by Sam Riviere, a rendition of Keren Cytter‘s ‘Poker Face’ (2009) with Andrew Kerton and performance lecture by Rózsa Farkas, ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’, based around a text written by Farkas and the idea of “anger as a media and medium in art” that also inspired THE ANGRY SHOW.

Films by Michael E. Smith –who’s showing with the Geographies of Contamination group exhibition on display in the gallery in parallel –will be screening from midday to 6pm both days. There’s also a performance and investigation into sincerity versus authenticity with ‘I Know That Fantasies are Full of Lies (Take IV)’, so best just see it all.

See recent install photos from THE ANGRY SHOW and the DRAF website for details. **

Header image: Still from Richard Sides, ‘He tried to be a nice guy, but it just didn’t work out’ (2012). Courtesy the artist and Carlos/Ishikawa.

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Surplus Living @ Alte Münze, Mar 14 – 23

10 March 2014

Berlin-based project space km temporaer is presenting group exhibition, Surplus Living, in collaboration with London-based writer Harry Burke at Alte Münze, opening on March 14 and running to March 23.

Curated by Burke and km temporaer intiators Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, the event brings together the work of 18 artists exploring the function of commodified experience and the role of art production in a continually expanding market.

Including Jasper Spicero, Adriana Ramić, Tatsuo Miyajima, Amalia Ulman, Jesse Darling, Harm van den Dorpel, Michael E. Smith and Constant Dullaart and more, Surplus Living represents a cross-section of production and consumption discourse examining concepts of value creation and division of labor in the “age of the prosumer”.

See the km temporaer website for details. **


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Geographies of Contamination @ DRAF, Jan 30 – Mar 29

30 January 2014

London gallery David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) is presenting group exhibition Geographies of Contamination, running January 30 to March 29.

Featuring Neil Beloufa, Nicolas DeshayesRenaud Jerez, Marlie Mul, Magali Reus and Michael E. Smith, plus others, and curated by the gallery director Vincent Honoré, along with curators and art writers Laura McLean-Ferris and Alexander Scrimgeour, the event explores the idea of “slippages and spillages, disruption and contamination” through sculpture, film and installation.

Following a growing and dynamic discourse in contemporary art around pollution and a general collapse in systems and processes, Geographies of Contamination presents works by ten artists, all premiering in London and spanning synthetic and organic matter, generating an unsettling cross-section of our modern condition.

See the DRAF website for details. **

Header image: Marlie Mul, ‘Puddle (Daub)’ (2013). Image courtesy David Roberts collection, London.

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