Melanie Bühler

Inflected Objects website launch, Jun 8

8 June 2015

Inflected Objects, initiated by the Istituto Svizzero and curated by Melanie Bühler and Valerio Mannucci, launches its new website today, June 8.

Bühler, who was the driving force behind the insanely popular and now formally wrapped Lunch Bytes, joins Mannucci and the Italian foundation to launch a new project called Inflected Objects, comprised of online commissions and texts, as well as a series of exhibitions, the first of which was the inaugural Inflected Objects #1: Abstraction — Rising Automated Reasoning featuring Harm van den Dorpel and Katharina Fengler, along with four other artists.

This inaugural exhibition, which wraps up on June 13, comes as the first in a series of five dedicated to the “crumbling concept of the digital” and its effects on the production of art. In the press release, the project quotes architect and writer Keller Easterling and her notion that in the modern work, the digital has “escaped the box” and blended into the deep structures of society.

See the project website for details. **


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28 April 2014

Group exhibition BRANDS – CONCEPT/AFFECT/MODULARITY is running at Birsfelden’s SALTS, April 6 to May 21.

Curated by Lunch Bytes organiser Melanie Bühler and featuring artists Kari Altmann, Florian Auer, David Jablonowski, Pierre LumineauMetahaven, Pamela Rosenkranz and Anne de Vries, the exhibition explores the highly problematic position of corporatised images and commodity branding-as-art aesthetic.

By “intensifying the value of their own visual capital”, adapting the embedded codes and signifiers of the networked image, artists identify and interrogate “the surfaces, visual regimes and aesthetic potentials of branded goods”, ultimately questioning the blurred border between adaptation and reproduction; critique and collusion.

Read a review of David Jablonowski and see the SALTS website for details. **

Kari Altmann, “Ttoshibaa- 10,000 Impressions” (2009 - ongoing). Photo by Gunnar Meier.
Kari Altmann, “Ttoshibaa- 10,000 Impressions” (2009 – ongoing). Photo by Gunnar Meier.
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