Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic

Reading Bodies… @ Agora Rollberg, Jul 29 – 30

28 July 2016

The Reading Bodies: A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves, a two day-long “exercise of narration composed of different voices”, is on at Berlin’s Agora Rollberg on July 29 and 30.

Ambiguously described as “a composed space as a fleshy archive, which will develop through a program and series of artifacts” and facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval, the event expands upon Aby Warburg’s articulation of the ‘law of the good neighbor’. Which, was applied as a method in approaching unknown books on library shelves by choosing to look at the book next to the one that is familiar, in order to introduce chance and change the direction of one’s research.

The programme includes work from Ally Bisshop, Maria Cerón, Kate Chen, Michael Jevon Demps, Maira Dietrich, Femke Fredrix, Laura Genevieve Jones, Del Hardin Hoyle, So Hee Kim, Sophie Kitson, Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic, Paula Querido van Erven, Jana Pacheco, Sophia Schultz and Anya Yermakova.

The press release suggests that this proposition about libraries could be “an operative translation to the understanding of the body as an archive” that “talks about history, present conditions and potential desire”.

See the Agora Collective website for details.**

Reading Bodies: A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves @ Agora Rollberg, Jul 29 - 30

Maira Dietrich, ’30 45 75′ (2016). Detail. Courtesy the artist.

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