Lorenza Longhi

Sprint Book Fair 2016, Nov 25 – 27

22 November 2016

The 2016 edition of the Sprint Book Fair taking place at various locations across Milan is opening November 25 to the 27.

The non-profit, independent publishers and artist books salon is now in its fourth edition, bringing together a weekend of exhibition, talks, performances, screenings, workshops and readings.

Some events include a screening of A Walk with Dorothée Dupuis (Petunia) and Jessica Gysel (Girls Like Us) Around the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower in Brussels presented by online exhibition space Buenos Tiempos Int. at Teatro Verdi. It will be part of Ten Kilos of Apples in a Straw Basket and a One Hour Sound Piece Surrounded by Magical Carpets by Félicia Atkinson and shelter press where “an environment composed of a poem, a sound piece, ten kilos of apples surrounded by carpets” will be presented. 

The BLADE BANNER group exhibition invites artists to “produce an image all-over printed in a silk fabric module” and features works by Chiara FumaiLorenza Longhi, Beatrice Marchi and Jacopo Miliani among others.

See the Sprint Book Fair website for the full programme and more details.**

Speed Demon Queer Zine, Scanned image (2016). Courtesy of Sprint Book Fair, Milan.
Speed Demon Queer Zine, Scanned image (2016). Courtesy of Sprint Book Fair, Milan.
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Vorrei non vederti oggi… (2015) exhibition photos

3 May 2016

Vorrei non vederti oggi per vederti tutti gli altri giorni, a group show organised by a collective of young Italian artists and curators that took place from September 26 to October 11, 2015 at second-hand shopping complex Mercatino Franchising at Milano Centrale, featured works by 20 artists, including Beatrice MarchiPietro AgostoniMarco GobbiRebecca Di Berardino,  Andrea MagnaniCristiano Menchini, and more.

The focus of the exhibition is location; rather than placing the works in a traditional gallery space, the group applied to use the empty space on Zuretti road (a brand new used goods franchise). As the show progressed, the display area became more crowded day after day with new items for sale. Placed in the context of an exhibition where the majority of visitors would have been second-hand shoppers, the works were chosen and created in response to their display potential.

Pietro Agostoni, 'Sable' (2015). Install view. Courtesy Mercatino Franchising, Milan.
Pietro Agostoni, ‘Sable’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Mercatino Franchising, Milan.

Vorrei non vederti oggi… is diverse and multi-directional, spanning sculpture, object assemblage and video. Some works are deliberately clunky and out of place, such as Derek Di Fabio‘s 59’ looped video archive titled ‘Shawl (Scialle – edition 2015)’ (2008-15) that places a TV monitor on top of a vending machine, or Michele Gabriele‘s ‘Holdy’ (2015), a sand and silicone rock sculpture leaning on a crate of bottles in the middle of the room.

In contrast, some of the works camouflage into the aesthetic of the commercial space like Diego Gualandris‘ oil on canvas painting ‘UAM’ (2015) or Lorenza Longhi‘s assortment of fabric, curtain, a necklace, zips and a USB hung on metal rings amongst other clothing titled ‘Empathy is performing (Orchids on the desk)’ (2015).  The pile-up of varied practices —which also includes work by Alessandro AgudioBenni BosettoBarbara and AleCostanza CandeloroGiovanni DelvecchioMatteo NasiniMargherita Raso and Riccardo Sala —create an object-oriented dynamic between the canonical and maverick, the function of capitalist and/or art object, as well as the possibility for transformation and risk.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

The Vorrei non vederti oggi per vederti tutti gli altri giorni group exhibition was on in Milan, running September 26 to October 11, 2015.

Header image: Michele Gabriele, ‘Holdy’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Mercatino Franchising, Milan.

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