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Swap & Sell Fair @ Limbo Limbo, Aug 7

5 August 2016

Facebook group Comic Book Club is launching Issue 1 and hosting a Swap & Sell Art and Publications Fair at London’s Limbo Limbo on August 7.

According to the press release, ‘anyone/anything’ is welcome, in terms of zines, comics and any other self published works, for submission to sell on the day, as well as posters, prints, drawings, CDs and sketchbooks. People interested in selling their art can email by August 5, also if they have any suggestions and contributions for the event.

Comic Book Club, meanwhile, is an experiment in collaboration inspired by the surrealist game exquisite corpse, where twenty-six unnamed artists “produced a journey of drawings by working from a half page of the drawing preceding them”. The final result, which none of the contributors have yet seen, will be unveiled at the launch.

See FB event page for more details.**

Swap & Sell Fair @ Limbo Limbo, Aug 7

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Joe Highton + Sylvie Hayes-Wallace @ Limbo Limbo, Jul 19 – 24

18 July 2016

Joe Highton and Sylvie Hayes-Wallace are presenting joint exhibition Devil hooves, a paper cut tongue and three pink kisses on a bald head at London’s Limbo Limbo project space, opening July 19 and running July 24.

The show comes with little information other than that contained within will be new work by both London-based artists and Limbo will be hosting a Full Moon Party to inaugurate it. We might expect though, a tone of subtlety and a type of light-hearted yet focussed relationship to mark-making and how it can occur.

The space, run by a group of ex-Slade School of Art graduates is fast becoming known for its combination of short shows, group events, DJ nights and parties.

See the Limbo Limbo website for (limited) details.**

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Joe Highton + Isabel Yon @ Limbo Limbo, Jan 27 + Jan 30

27 January 2016

New London gallery and residency space Limbo Limbo is hosting two one-off evening events this week,

Joe Highton will present new work, ‘STARFISH/Pissing Into Plug on January 27.

Isabel Yon will show ‘Come join the party, Before the Party, before you party‘ on January 30. Party bags will be available but limited.

Limbo Limbo invites artists on a proposal basis to come and work in the space for a while. Their website is not then only documentation of shows in the space but also documentation of these mini residencies.

See the Limbo Limbo website for more information.**

Joe Highton, ‘STARFISH/Pissing Into Plug‘ for Limbo Limbo (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Joe Highton, ‘STARFISH/Pissing Into Plug‘ for Limbo Limbo (2016). Courtesy the artist.

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