d’Eon’s Foxconn/Trios out Nov 27

20 November 2015

Montreal-based producer d’Eon is releasing their Foxconn/Trios album through the Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare-run KNIVES label, on November 27.

Recorded in 2012 while still with the influential but now-defunct LA-based label Hippos in Tanks, the album features track titles like ‘Samsung India Software Operations II’ and ‘Satyam Integrated Engineering Solutions’ alongside what the press release calls a “mutated micro-strain” of the artist’s lo-fi pop oeuvre they’ve hitherto been known for.

Here, the sometime Grimes collaborator features fragments of previous work among tracks cut up and scattered across through an impeded machinic flow. The album cover comes with art work by Berlin-based Swiss artist Tobias Madison.

See the KNIVES website to preview tracks .**

Header image: Tobias Madison, Foxconn/Trios cover. 

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Future Artefacts @ Shoreditch Studios, Oct 23 – 25

21 October 2015

Future Artefacts, the “future of physical media” takes over London this week, running at Shoreditch Studios from October 23 to October 25.

The inaugural fair will see international musicians and record labels, artists and arts publishers, and fashion and tech companies presenting (and selling) some of their latest products. Things you can expect to see: 3D printed music totems, exclusive vinyl pressings, fabrics patterned by sonic algorithms.

Among the long list of participants are AnOther magazine and Baron, Ditto Press, Knives publishing, LuckyMePAN and Super/Collider.

See the Future Artefacts website for details. **


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