Ikea’s Camera approach

30 April 2012

Ikea keeps entering the consumer devices world and some non-chinese manufacturers are starting to worry… if earlier last month it was their upcoming Smart TV “Uppleva”, a few weeks ago during the Italian Salone del Mobile the Swedish DIY furniture brand unveiled their new PS 2012 collection (their 7th already) including a cardboard camera: the Knäppa (they should review their naming marketing strategy because they already have a pendant lamp with a very similar name btw…).

how to hold the Knäppa Camera right...
how to hold the Knäppa Camera right...

The soon to be released idea was designed in collaboration with Stockholm’s Teenage Engineering and will be labeled as “the world’s cheapest digital camera” and we’re still unsure if this is a future iconic product for Ikea like Billy or simply part of the marketing campaign to promote their latest PS collection as from tomorrow customers will be asked to take pictures of their Ikea PS pieces and share them on a dedicated website.

KNÄPPA is made out of a single piece of folded cardboard, a single circuit board, a camera sensor, and an integrated USB connector…. and just before you buy it… maybe you should learn how to assemble it… the instructions are already available on Ikea’s website.

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