DullTech™ launches Kickstarter campaign

1 September 2015

Berlin-based artist Constant Dullaart has beguna Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a speculative “cult tech company” DullTech™, launched August 31.

Also described by the press release as an “intricate art installation, and performance piece” the project promises an “easy, plug and play, USB media player” for presenting art without the problems of compatibility so often encountered by multi-disciplinary artists. The campaign invites pledges to reach its €30,000 goal and will include a pre-order player and signed collectors edition t-shirt in return.

Dullaart’s practice spans a career of challenging the corporate interface with his early and calling the internet “a fucking big shopping mall owned by Facebook” in an interview with aqnb. Most recently he presented a solo exhibition in London last year, Stringendo, Vanishing Mediators, regarding “how computer software and technology has transformed art and culture”.

See DullTech project page for details.**

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Turf Projects: Kickstarter Launch, Apr 6

4 April 2014

Turf Projects – a Croydon-based, artist-run creative space comprised of a group of artists, filmmakers, architects and designers – is launching a Kickstarter on April 6 from 4pm to 7pm in The Studio at The Matthew Yard.

Filled with live music, rewards and surprises, as well as some smoked trout bagels to hold off the pre-dinner hunger, the Turf team will be there to meet and mingle with the local community. The night will feature a special film preview of ‘No Turf Unturned’, as well as music and performances from Kero Kero Bonito, Ken Kobayashi, Octagon Court, and more.

Visit the Turf Projects home page to learn more about the collective, skip directly to their official Kickstarter Facebook page, or get event details directly on aqnb‘s official event listing.**

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Anamanaguchi exceed their kickstarter goal

4 June 2013

In a recent comment piece, Halciion explored the resurgence of Chiptune in underground culture. That idea is nowhere more apparent than in hacker boy band Anamanaguchi‘s recent kickstarter bid which reached five times its initial goal.

Getting to an easy $50,000 in a matter of hours, the band, that make music using Nintendo and Gameboy consoles petitioned their fans to help them make their self-funded 22-track album Endless Fantasy into a multi-platform project. Releasing the album to their supporters for download on May 14, members promised t-shirts, games, personalised tracks, even a van full of ghosts if they wanted it in return for crowd-sourced funding. Now with 7,253 backers and $277,399 to play with, they’ve sure got their work cut out for them. Watch this space. **

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Whitey Bare Bones Project

3 January 2013

Whitey decided to give us a big big gift this past Monday when reaching those first £10,000 of his crowdfunding campaign “Bare Bones”; providing us with one another of his elusive & addictive pieces  “No more right or wrong”, something more clubby than what we’re used to.

We have to admit being quite deceived with the lack of attention towards this funding project and precisely the  media disregard… maybe we were all expecting the end of the world instead?

And because we’ve always been secretly in love with Whitey’s dark paths we’re willing to add “BB” to our long-list of supported projects. As Nathan Joseph & the always evolving Whitey project prepare and polish a new work  it looks like they’re willing to stay without label… and KS could help with that.

With this KS campaign they propose to support a physical-release dream and a never-ending tour (amongst many other crowdfunding traditional goodies) … which sounds like fun actually, so we thought…. Bare Bones will probably be released digitally but… it would be even better to hold it, something kind of rare these days.

A rough demo of his track “NMROR” was also made available via his bandcamp page as a first teaser…. have you cracked yet? We did. More info this way.

a title=”kscampaign” href=”” target=”_blank”

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted goes to KS

5 November 2012

One of the most anticipated games in the indie scene right now is “Sir, You are being hunted“, that survival and stealth game set in the always creepy British countryside which should be arriving sometime next year. The most scary bit is that it isn’t set or inspired by any specific location but the whole environment is automatically generated!

SYABU still (image via Big Robot)
SYABU still (image via Big Robot)

Big Robot’s founder Jim Rossignol along with his team decided to try the Kickstarter pledging process by launching last Friday a campaign to fund the last creative steps and game tweaks necessary to finish SYABH….

Known to most of you as one of the old contributors to Offworld (and also Rock, Paper, Shotgun) Jim & co seem to have spent a lot of time on this project… and there more we get to know about these hunting robots who meet and drink tea in abandoned villages, the more we want to play them.

SYABU still2 (image via Big Robot)
SYABU still2 (image via Big Robot)

Because you don’t get to be haunted by a Brit mechanical aristocrat everyday we thought SYABH should be our next supported project. After all, this new sport will very probably make future Britain inhabitants feel like fox hunting was never banned or anything. More info on the project, clips and images on their KS page.

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The Sxipmobile

17 July 2012

When a Kickstarter project reaches it’s final week it’s usually pretty easy to tell whether it will reach its goal or not… whether it has achieved that critical momentum that makes it breathe or it will stagnate is something you can see usually over the first couple of weeks. But sometimes the funding dream is reached in extremis at the last minute, I still remember how Weston Currie’s Congress, one of the first projects we backed just over a couple of years ago, reached its goal in the last few minutes.

BMIV Poster
BMIV Poster

Our admired Jossie Malis is certainly trying hard, very hard to give its very own project “Bendito Machine” some financial viability for the upcoming episodes, but that momentum is yet to come. Maybe the over 65K viewers of his latest episode on vimeo didn’t quite understand the message? Maybe they thought the new multi-colored sky backgrounds are a treason to the traditional monocolor Bendito Machine style? Maybe the latin-historical style is too close to the Mayan culture and people have made the link between supporting this project and the end of the world?

Too many doubts, but we seriously think you should consider giving some extra help to one of the best short animated independent series made in the past few years. We only have one more argument and reward that Jossie hasn’t necessarily outlined (because of his modesty)… the success of this project will save all those convinced religious believers of yours from going to hell, and that, is something worth contributing for.

Good luck in your last week king of mambo! (more info about the project this way)

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Indie Game The movie finally released

12 June 2012

Yup, it took them two years to send today’s e-mail but James and Lisanne finally did it! Indie Game: The Movie has been 2 years in the making, about two years since the first Kickstarter founding campaign and 12 months since they got the extra $71K from their their second KS campaign…

An awful lot of game developers, gamers, bloggers and fans have been waiting the doc which follows the creation of some of the flagship games of the so-called indie game movement… Fez, Braid, Super Meat Boy…

Tommy Refenes - Edmund Mcmillen from Indie Game the Movie
Tommy Refenes and Edmund Mcmillen still from Indie Game the Movie

It all started in September 2009 when James & Lisanne were commissioned to produce a short documentary on Alec Holowka of Infinite Ammo and Aquaria fame. The short introduced then to a universe they weren’t familiar with… independent gaming, they took it seriously and started thinking about a videogame documentary. After a 6-month research period they both attended the 2010 GDConference  and filmed a ‘test piece’ with Edmund Mcmillen & Tommy Refenes of Super Meat Boy, the beginning of everything.

The rest is known by all of you, 2 highly successful crowdfunding campaigns, a lot of media coverage (and  hype) and today IGTM sees the daylight via iTunes, their own website store and the gaming platform Steam for $9.99.

Phil Fish (still from Indie Game The Movie)
Phil Fish (still from Indie Game The Movie)

A documentary which includes the collaboration not only of the game developers themselves but many other people like Jim Guthrie (from Sword & Sworcery) adding the soundtrack  and that has proven already successful (Sundance last year, an HBO deal to develop a series…). Highly recommended.

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Digital Bolex

15 March 2012

Another week, another Kickstarter project that gets many $$$$$$!! There’s nothing you can’t do (and nothing that can’t be funded) with the KS platform really. Need a thousand dollars? KS Ten grand? KS maybe a million? KS too!

And in the context of all-indie-things-on-earth SXSW festival, where groups and start-ups compete for mass media attention, Joe Rubinstein & Elle Schneider just got to present a prototype of their upcoming Digital Bolex D16…. a video camera aimed at those who like to shoot in RAW.

Digital Bolex D16 prototype
Digital Bolex D16 prototype

Pretty much every DSLR & digital mirrorless camera nowadays already shoots images & videos in RAW quality… so why on earth would you buy a “Digital Bolex”? Because it has a retro feel! And because it was funded via KS! And because it’s cool ok!?

 So with their new project, Joe & Elle will attempt to relaunch the 16mm & Bolex trend and market an “affordable digital cinema camera that will allow filmmakers to shoot high-quality footage on any budget”. We’ll have to see the final retail price to judge what they mean by “affordable” because if we follow the KS page … $2500 is a good starting price-point for the DBolex.

future Bolex ad
future Bolex ad

All things considered (specs included, even if everything for now are drawings, rumors, prototypes and more drawings…), and because no-one except maybe Peter Jackson can afford a RED, there surely is a niche market for the project. Hey, 91 people who’ve already pre-ordered the D16 without even knowing what it will look like exactly and nearly $300K to fund the project are a good sign right?

You can also contribute if your body feels like it, although to get a camera next August you’ll have to jump to the $3500  level. More info this way.

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Kickstarter starts competing with VCs

10 February 2012

When we interviewed Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler just over a year ago they were already the big elephant in the crowdfunding on-line space. Figures and stats wouldn’t stop growing and projects such as Tik Tok had already raised over half a million $$$ at that time.

Well, yesterday I realized that the number of people in the KS office had more than doubled in a year and then read via ATD that 2 projects had surpassed the $1Million barrier, “the iPhone dock Apple should have manufactured” and an adventure game by gaming studio Double Fine. Who needs investors when you have KS?!

The first, “Elevation Dock” has just 1 day to finish its pledge of £75K, but Casey Hopkins stopped worrying long ago. He now has over $1,2million to fully launch one of the many iPhone accessories that have been funded via KS. The difference about this project is that it doesn’t add a feature to the Apple phone, but solves one of the biggest problems Apple has with its proprietary pin connector: undocking its flagship device.

 The second project has more than a month to go, and already has nearly $1,4Million. For what? For an “Adventure game” by some of the biggest game gurus in the industry: Tim Schafer & Ron Gilbert, along with the rest of the crew @ Double Fine.

Both a signature that crowdfunding (and maybe in particular KS) is not only here to stay, but a solid funding alternative to traditional production & funding techniques.

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Harold Feinstein

10 October 2011

It’s always good to have a good Kickstarter project in the bag… and it seems KS has become not only the crowdfunding defacto platform for emerging artists but also the best way to rediscover legeds. If earlier this year we discovered (the now worldwide famous) Vivian Maier thanks to the persistence of John Maloof and his now priceless negative collection, Jason Landry (from Panopticon Gallery) tries to repeat success formula with an already recognized figure of U.S. photography: Harold Feinstein.

Harold Feinstein, Coney Island Teenagers, Coney Island, NY
Harold Feinstein, Coney Island Teenagers, Coney Island, NY 

Jason’s project is more about editing & publishing a hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein’s most important black & white photographs than discovering a hidden gem. Harold has always been considered a prodigy in the field but it looks like after 60+ years in photography he still doesn’t have a monograph printed of his b&w works.

Harold Feinstein, Gypsy girl with Carousel, Coney Island, NY
Harold Feinstein, Gypsy girl with Carousel, Coney Island, NY

Harold Feinstein’s photographic career began in 1946. Before the age of 20, Edward Steichen had purchased his work for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and exhibited it frequently. In the early 1950’s Steichen approached Feinstein and asked if he would like to be included in The Family of Man exhibition. Feinstein, feeling very puritanical said, “Look, a museum is a place where they should just show work because it is art, not because it fits I to a theme.” And with that, withheld this work from the exhibition, changing the course of his photographic history forever.

So as our monthly supported project we highly recommend you help Panopticon, Jason & Co to bring the monograph to life… although we accept the video could have been slightly more appealing Jason… maybe a physical appearance of yourself talking about the project? It’s usually more effective 😉

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Funding friends of friends of friends on Kickstarter

25 August 2011

Jason Eppink just came up with one of the best Kickstarter campaigns ever launched…. A Kickstarter Project to Raise Money for Other Kickstarter Projects. And he is totally right, if so many cool people are working on so many cool projects and everyone’s money goes to other people’s projects…. where does the money actually come from?

From suckers like us!

Maybe we should all start a Kickstarter campaign! Or if not, a Kickbackstarter just like Jason who has created an identical page  to that of an ordinary KS project because apparently his idea was rejected by the KS guys even when framed as “performance art” (booooo).

KickStarter is an amazing service but it’s true that keeping track of the hundreds of projects initiated each week (day) and filtering, selecting and backing a few becomes a hard task even for us, addict users. They should have Jason post his “project”… we’ve seen far less imaginative and more ridiculous ones, but we would probably have done the same if he had succeeded lol.

In any case Jason is actually raising $$ through Paypal and says he will be forwarding them to actual Kickstarter projects….mmmm we won’t try and have that phone conversation with him… but he’s quite right about a few facts.

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Path of Blood animated feature film

8 July 2011

After so many videos, shorts & cut-out orgasms Mr Power is going to give that buzzy fund-raising platform named “Kickstarter” a try. And what is he going to raise funds for?

You probably remember that amazing short “Path Of blood” from 3 months ago, after such a warm welcome and now that Eric considers himself (so do we) a cut paper animation master (just have a look at his previous shorts), he’s thought that PoB deserves to become his  first feature length animated film.

Whereas the short film was mostly silent, the feature film will delve deeply into a large cast of interesting individuals each with their own motivation for walking the path of blood. I am extremely proud of the story I have created, there are tons of surprises in store and plenty of engaging and bloody action. (bloody action yes! that’s what we’re hear for!).

The level of detail the finished film will showcase is going to be staggering. Everything you’ve seen of my cut paper work so far has only been a precursor to what I feel is possible within the medium and I am very excited to put my skills to the test.

In any case… you have to support him, he may just have started his fund-raising campaign… but 25K is a LOT of money, so drop him a dollar or two… hundred. This way.

btw… we only talk about those projects we support ourselves ok?

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We did this

20 January 2011

After tonight’s talk with the Flattr founders near Farringdon we’re more & more convinced that microfunding & crowdsourcing are not just temporary trends… they’re probably the only way out & future for many projects, websites & businesses…

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Kickstarter, when crowdfunding comes of age

5 December 2010

Good ideas “if communicated well, can spread fast and wide”. Good projects if communicated through the correct platform will not only be funded but also generate a wide base of fans willing to virally & freely propagate the essence of the project grabbing at the same time the invaluable attention of the mainstream media.

This is what happened to Diaspora earlier on this year. A project begun by four students at NYU’s Courant Institute who were dreaming of an “open” Facebook alternative (when this one was involved in a big mess of privacy issues). They were hoping to get 10K to start coding their so called “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network”. In the end thanks to this massive media support (Techcrunch, NYTimes, BBC….) & the anti-fb momentum they managed to raise more than 200K.

Then it came The Pirate Bay documentary earlier this summer… and again, Simon Klose raised twice his set goal. And right now just after this post was published the “TikTok+LunaTik” iPod nano wrist band by Scott Wilson is about to reach a new record for KS…. more than $600k and still 10 days to go… not bad huh?

These are just 3 examples of the several hundreds of projects that a couple of years ago would had probably never found any support & even less monetary funds if it weren’t because of crowdfunding. Today there are all sorts of “social” on-line platforms that allow you to fund pretty much anything… from ONG’s projects, to new start-ups, businesses, album records & so on….

…for the creative bits we have Kickstarter, which we found about at the beginning of this year & we’ve haven’t stopped using to support those wet ideological dreams we found paranormally creative.

The NY-based start-up has helped funding the most bizarre, sometimes genuine, sometimes pointless & most-times amazingly original projects & forms of art expression; like for example building a temporary wedding chapel in Manhattan, converting an old bus into a mobile Thai restaurant, sailing around the world… tons of webcomics, 8-bit videogames, theatre shows, lock-picker kits, …. a long list of unimaginable ideas that showcase the creative spirit of the human being.

Today we’re welcoming co-founder Yancey Strickler who together with Perry Chen structured KS as a tool to fund “only” creative projects, something they defined & created on their own since meeting back in 2005. From the beginning they had this concept where they” wanted to have a very broad definition of creativity and wanted to approach each proposal that came to them with excitement & openness to see what anyone wants to achieve”. Quite an “empathic view of creativity” as Yancey puts himself.

aqnb: Hello Yancey, first of all thanks for dedicating us some of your time, let’s start with our impertinent questions…

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