Julius Von Bismarck

In Space no one can hear… @ Galleria Giovanni Bonelli‎, Apr 5 – May 17

5 April 2016

The In Space No One Can Hear You Laugh group show is on at Milan’s Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, opening April 5 and running May 17.

Featuring the likes of Julius von Bismark —who will show work at this year’s Moscow International Biennale for Young Art —artist and curator Elise Lammer and artist Tyra Tingleff the show will display artworks that create their own worlds, their own economies and self-fulfilling systems as a way to think about alternative ways of being.

Taking science fiction as a parallel model, In Space No One Can Hear You Laugh deals with “things not yet to come, with images charged with a state of future potential or spaces infused with a radical temporality”, and puts us “in touch with the ability to imagine, and with the imaginary’s capacity to build new worlds.”

The show is curated by Clarissa Tempestini.

See the PDF press release for more information.**

Elise Lammer, courtesy the artist.
Elise Lammer, courtesy the artist.


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Moscow International Bienniale for Young Art 2016 announces artists

30 March 2016

The fifth Moscow International Bienniale for Young Art will happen this year from July 1 – August 10 in Moscow’s old textile factory, Trekhgornaya Manufaktura and it has just announced its 87 artists, two curators and its theme, Deep Inside.

Nadim Samman —general curator of the biennial—suggests the theme reflects, like the work submitted to the open call, such cultural developments as “ecological collapse, the dissolution of distinctions between ‘nature’ and technology, the inescapable topography of the network, and the interplay between transparency and opacity in the information age.”

Included in the line up are the likes of Joey Holder, Marguerite Humeau —who had a solo show at Berlin’s Import Projects, of which Samman is the founder, in 2014 —Paul Kneale, Julius von Bismarck, Chris Coy and Martin Callahan, all of whom work with these themes close to the words of Samman.

The curator explains the positing of the question of the inside as an alternative to fantasies of open untouched beaches, outer body avatar transfers and even dreams of colonising new lands like Mars that are perhaps not dreams or escapes, but traps. What if the price of tickets is too high?

See the exhibition page for more details.**

Marguerite Humeau, Echoes (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Duve
Marguerite Humeau, Echoes (2015), installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Duve







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Desert Now @ Steve Turner, Mar 19 – Apr 23

18 March 2016

Julius von Bismarck, Julian Charrière and Felix Kiessling are presenting joint exhibition Desert Now at LA’s Steve Turner, opening March 19 and running to April 23.

Curated by guest curators Nadim Samman and Anja Henckel of Berlin non-profit space Import Projects, the show playfully addresses the quixotic and ‘quirky’ history of the Southwest United States and its landscape, in parallel and as an interaction with its modernist architecture and the “legacy of Land Art”.

The exhibition takes the form of a sort of museum of curiosities (ie in alternating displays of “kitsch, infotainment, the prim, the profane and the pedagogical”), inspired by and taking from these unique spaces that dot the Californian desert: “From sand dune and atom bomb to gift shop and washroom, Desert Now surveys the strange panorama of Southwestern imagery in its many charms and contradictions.”

See the Steve Turner website for details.**

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Pencil/Line/Eraser @ Carroll/Fletcher, Jul 31 – Sep 13

30 July 2014

Carroll/Fletcher brings a new group show titled Pencil / Line/ Eraser and centered around “expanded drawing” to its London space from July 31 to September 13.

The exhibition lifts its title from a 2008 video project by the same name created by Paul Harrison and John Wood, in which a hand draws a line while another erases it, embodying something of the process around which the exhibition is based.

The group show features works by 12 different artists and artist groups, including those of Evan Roth, whose visualisation and archival of digital culture is rendered in ‘Forgetting Spring’, a sculpture composed out of a 42-meter print of four months-worth of Internet browsing.

Joining Roth in Pencil / Line / Eraser are AKassen and their Flatten image series, Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus and the ‘Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus’ drawing machine, and Christine Sun Kim, who, though deaf since birth, explores the materiality of sound through painting, drawing and performance.

See the Carroll/Fletcher exhibition page for details. **

AKassen. "Flatten image #10". Image courtesy Carroll / Fletcher.
AKassen, “Flatten image #10”. Image courtesy Carroll / Fletcher.
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Structures and Textures: Data @ IMMA, May 9

7 May 2014

The next in a series of discussions across Europe as part of Lunch Bytes‘s European edition, the Structures and Textures: Data panel discussion is happening at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), May 9.

People appearing to talk the “contemporary omnipotence of data” in society include Julius von Bismarck, Kylie Jarrett,  Marguerite Barry and Rasmus Svensson of PWR Studio, –the graphic designers responsible for the cover of recent poetry anthology I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best  and The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring.

Previous topics included Medium: Photography in Amsterdam and Medium: Format in London, while for anyone wondering what the current catch-all of ‘Big Data’ actually means, maybe this coming one can help elucidate.

See the Lunch Bytes website for details. **

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NO pope NO

5 June 2012

A year ago there was a massive manifestation (and demonstration) of Catholic power @ the Madrilian Cuatrovientos aerodrome… it was the Catholic olympic games, also known as World Youth Day. A perfect ocassion to use Julius Von Bismarck’s “Fulgurator”, a device that while triggered by a flash, enables an image to be projected on an object exactly at the moment when someone else is photographing it. So they decided to project Santiago Sierra’s NO, part of his NO world tour.

No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra
No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra

Maybe they picked a controversial event, figure and subject, but the action didn’t cause much buzz then… because it only affects the cameras nearby, and the people only realize it once they’ve developed their stills… the few who got the NO must have thought Satan was wondering around that day.

The message-infiltrator-device is already 4 years old, and thanks to the recently-opened Madrilian PHotoEspaña festival Gallery Off Limits  is showcasing the wonders of this machine and the evil soul  these two, hidden among the pilgrims of Paraguay, carry around when not praying.

One lesson learned: watch for fulgurators when attending rockstar events from now on… they could be inserting an arguably desired message (or image) in your flashy images. More photos on the noprojection flickr page.

No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra (2)
No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra (2)
No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra (4)
No Projection by Julius Von Bismark & Santiago Sierra (4)
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