Jacob Ciocci

Extreme Animals remix Miley Cyrus

18 July 2013

Extreme Animals have already defined themselves as masters of maximalist musical social critique with their recent RIP MCA LOUD AND UP CLOSE-THE MEGAMIX, dedicated to the San Diego fireworks mishap of 2012. This time, the epic fail comes in the form of Miley Cyrus’ terrifying ‘We Can’t Stop‘ video, featuring the ex-Hannah Montana contorting her slight frame into a twerk posture, while making out with a doll and being generally creepy.

‘ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US’ is where Jacob Ciocci and Company dissect and draw out all the weirdness for this remix which, according to a recent tweet by Ciocci himself, ended up on a Buzzfeed mix, ‘37 Totally Bizarro Covers Of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”‘. There is just too much going on for us to digest right now, so you’ll have to see for yourself. **


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12 February 2013

Short of an actual bomb going off, what can be more intense than a botched fireworks display, or better yet a mangled mix inspired by that very accident? Extreme Animals duo Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman deliver a pop culture massacre in the form of a demented collection of tracks, from Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘War Games’ x Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ mash up to a smooth transition from Ke$ha’s ‘Thinking of You’ to Unicorn Kid’s ‘Feel So Real’, all in an easy 16+ minutes.

Demolishing the world as we know it in a typically irreverent manner, this RIP MCA – AKA SAN DIEGO FIREWORKS 2012 FAIL-LOUD AND UP CLOSE-THE MEGAMIX proves the proudly trashy spirit of Ciocci’s Paper Rad is far from dead.  Listen and download the mix here and watch the festive mishap that birthed it below. **

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P is for Progress

3 January 2012

With a new year comes new possibilities and it’s in the impenetrable world of US art collective Paper Rad that they can be fully explored. At the vanguard of the ‘New Media’ wave of young artists delving into the black hole of the all things 8-bit and html5, the three core members Jacob Ciocci, Jessica Ciocci and Ben Jones are messiahs of modern media, and part of the exciting crop of cross-platform practitioners that include James Ferraro, and Ryan Trecartin.

D.i.Why? by Ben Jones, March 2005
D.i.Why? by Ben Jones, March 2005

They’ve collaborated with artist Cory Arcangel and Paul B Davis, who pioneered the field in the mid-90s, culminating in his vinyl release of songs composed by hacked video game consoles 8-Bit Construction Set in 2000. Not ones to leave one of the most essential areas of creative life out, Paper Rad are also associated with several musical offshoots including Extreme Animals and ROTFLOL, while commercial venture Wyld File is credited with producing music videos for the Gossip and Beck. Meanwhile, Jones has a series called Problem Solverz on Adult Swim channel -the same one responsible for launching the careers of Tim & Eric. The comedians have a similar aesthetic to Paper Rad -although theirs is a satire of free-to-air television programming, rather than ‘omnimedia’ art and music based in the digital world. Continue reading P is for Progress

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