Jacek Doroszenko

The Drawers Vol. 2 @ Kasia Michalski, Sept 1-15

30 August 2016

The Drawers Vol. 2 group exhibition is on at Warsaw’s Kasia Michalski Gallery, opening September 1 and running to September 15.

The project features work by Jacek DoroszenkoGregor RóżańskiJan Domicz, and Wiktor Dyndo among others and continues with the previous shows’ format which is “based on a standard piece of gallery furniture which holds nine drawers. Each drawer contains works by one artist only, and only one drawer can be opened at a time.” As a result, each drawer becomes an individual presentation; nine small-scape solo shows that span across a variety of platforms, each isolated practice interacting with the next.

Visit the Kasia Michalski Gallery website for details.**

'The Drawers: Vol 1' Installation view (2015). Courtesy of Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw.
‘The Drawers: Vol 1’ Installation view (2015). Courtesy of Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw.
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Ewa + Jacek Doroszenko, Soundreaming online documentation

12 August 2015

Imagine taking sonic snapshots of the places you’ve been instead of photographs. Listening to them afterwards and hearing children playing in Spanish, a Japanese man yelling at his butcher, the sound of thunder at a cabin in Canada. Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko‘s interactive and ongoing internet presentation, Soundreaming, which takes the form of an audio-visual archive of locations around Barcelona, begins with this premise. “[T]he acoustic environment can provide a tremendous amount of the sense of place and feeling of a location in a different way than photographs,” they write on their website. “In our artistic practice soundscapes replace photographs.”

The two Warsaw-based artists, who work in everything from installation, painting, and graphic design to music and audio-art, have created a website that documents their site-specific compositions and sound impressions. “Recording the dreams and both natural and human designed sounds during the expedition, we created sound compositions derived from this material.” These recordings allow for the translation of environmental sound, presenting it visually with interspersed videos. But the emphasis remains “on the autonomous power of ambient sound to tell its own story and appeal to the imagination”. The sound installations are then complemented with unique electronic audio compositions, which combine sounds recorded in Barcelona with lo-fi music. **

Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko’s interactive Internet presentation, Soundreaming, is available on the project website.

Header image: ‘Silent Souvenirs Episode II’ by Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko. Image courtesy artists.

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