Great Digital Exhibition accepting proposals.

The Great Digital Exhibition.
21 March 2013

Digital Shoreditch has is calling for proposals for The Great Digital Exhibition for 2013. The event will be held in London’s Shoreditch Town Hall from Monday, May 20 to Friday, May 31 and showcase the latest interactive digital creations within art, apps, gaming, websites and more.

Celebrating innovation from East London’s ‘Tech City’ -chiefly based across Clerkenwell to Stratford, Old Street to Bethnal Green and Dalston to the City -the event will feature the outstanding creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent from the area and beyond. There’ll be a global perspective for the first week, while the community programme will run the following. See the website to apply and for more information.**

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Clouds – Interactive Documentary

29 November 2012

Jonathan Minard must be having a few very busy weeks lately, on one side helping digital arts venue Eyebeam recover from the flood New York suffered a few weeks ago, on the other, preparing and polishing the last few details of his upcoming documentary “Clouds“, co-created with media artist James George.

CLOUDS Data capsule with laser etched 3D pointcloud (image via Clouds KS)
CLOUDS Data capsule with laser etched 3D pointcloud (image via Clouds KS) – one of the potential rewards for supporting their project

After many many months in the making and over 6 months since release of the Beta-teaser, “Clouds” is ready for some mainstream love, but as it happens many times… it needs one last push. A push for completing the film but also for that toolkit they’ve created called RGBDT, an open-source software library they’ve developed for 3D filmmaking. Basically they’ve pared XBOX’s Kinect with an HD video camera to generate that bizarre but intriguing hybrid video you can see on their KS clip…

A project we’ve decided to support not just for “RGBDT” but for the story behind, filled with interviews & talks with more than 30 new media artists, curators, designers… obsessed with emerging technologies, new collaborative tools and above all, “new visual expressionism”. One to keep en eye on. More info on the project & film on their KS page.

RGBD Filmmaking DIY Toolkit (image via Clouds KS)
RGBD Filmmaking DIY Toolkit (image via Clouds KS)
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24 January 2012

Philipp Artus hasn’t stopped studying for the past decade, first fine arts @ Nantes, then Portugal, now back to his homeland Germany (Media Art in Cologne)… will he ever stop?

Maybe French arts weren’t satisfying enough… but we’re glad he’s taken the new arts & media path over the last couple of years. Philipp’s installations haven’t stopped doing the world tour recently (especially last year) and if you’re around Frankfurt next April and happen to be a big light lover (in all its forms) he’ll be exhibiting part of his works @ Luminale 2012.

Break|through is one of his latest works presented as a projection sculpture last year where a capricious spider (that’s why they’re scary!) creates an audiovisual choreography by destroying a wall. Two complementary animations are projected on both sides of a revolving wall, so that the audience can see only one side – but simultaneously hear both (you can get the idea visiting his website of what the installation looks like in real-life, make sure you also watch the intro video).

Maybe his best-known piece was the Notebook Phase, a minimalistic piece of animation that explodes in what seems a never-ending loop of acrobat automatons which are being reflected simultaneously on a water surface moved by sound (up, full version documented by ARTE Germany).

And my personal favorite… his “Snail Trail” laser sculpture  projected on a phosphorescent material (allowing that after-glowing effect) at an angle of 360° onto a column, and forcing the audience has to walk around to follow the course of the snail….

He’s now finishing his next project “Ensō“, on which he’s been working for the past 5 years, and hopefully we’ll get to see in a less luminous environment. Amazing installations Mr Artus.

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The Art of Pho

12 January 2012

The future of comic books? Digital for sure but… will Marvel, DC & other multinationals transform their Amazing Spideys, Supermen and 1001 creature publications into interactive stories?

You may have iOS & Android apps but besides a few games or dedicated-superhero apps none of the weekly published comics are interactive or motion-based comics. They still have their charm and succeed to engage however… it’s all about the story in the end.

What The Submarine Channel have managed to do this time is not only adapt a great story but launch a highly engaging web-comic based on British animator Julian Hanshaw’s “The Art of Pho“. Under his creative supervision and with animation director Lois van Baarle, Submarine Channel adapted The Art of Pho for the web by adding the dimensions of sound, music, animation and interactivity.

Art of Pho
Art of Pho

The website includes all 8 episodes (the next 4 being unveiled this week) and also contains extra info such as the making of with interviews with illustrator/animator Hanshaw and Lois van Baarle. Submarine Channel describe it as a “deliciously surreal interactive motion comic telling  the story of Little Blue and his friends. This creature ends up in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where he learns to master the Art of making Pho (Phở) – Vietnam‘s ubiquitus noodle soup.

One of the interactive elements throug the story
One of the interactive elements throug the story

So whenever you feel like a new adventure, or simply a great way to learn how to cook Pho you can go for the traditional printed edition or this great piece of interactive animation with soundtrack by Pastelle Music.

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