Heather Phillipson

FIAC 2016 @ Paris, Oct 17 – 23

18 October 2016

The international contemporary art fair FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) is taking place this week across Paris, opening October 17 and running to October 23.

The event, now in its 43rd year, will be held at both the Grand Palais and other locations they’ve named ‘Outside the Walls’. Curated by Christophe Leribault and associate curator Lorenzo Benedetti, FIAC will bring together over 1,500 artists and 175 galleries from 26 countries.

There’s an exciting line-up of artists’ film at Cinéphémère including Heather Phillipson, Laure ProuvostCécile B. Evans, Will Benedict, Cally Spooner and Yasmin Davis among many others. 

Some galleries and events to check out:

Lili Reynaud and Philipp Timischl @ Emanuel Layr

A solo show by Tetsumi Kudo @ Andrea Rosen

Letha Wilson & Kate Steciw @ Christophe Gaillard

Performances (Parade for FIAC)

Uriel Barthélémi + Nikhil Chopra in 3hr performance Floating cities & loaded dice @ Gare du Nord – October 18

Maria Hassabi’s choreographed performance @ Musée du Louvre – Oct 22

Zhana Ivanova performs Royalty @ Grand Palais – Oct 21

See the FIAC webpage for details.**

Bouchra Ouizguen. Performance still, (2016). Courtesy the artist + FIAC. Photo : Hasnae El Ouarga
Bouchra Ouizguen. Performance still, (2016). Courtesy the artist + FIAC.
Photo : Hasnae El Ouarga
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Ben Lerner @ RCA, Oct 10

10 October 2016

Author of The Hatred of Poetry, Ben Lerner will be participating in a talk at London’s RCA on October 10.

The evening will focus on the relationship between poetry, fine art and criticism. The panel discussion will be moderated by writer and critic Brian Dillon and also includes Emily LaBarge, Holly Pester and Heather Phillipson.

Connected by a core interest in literature, the panel approach the subject in multi-directional ways. LaBarge is a writer and researcher who “examines the language of anxiety in contemporary literature.” Pester is a poet and multi-disciplinary writer whose work expands into sound, performance and installation. Similarly, Phillipson’s practice is diverse, working across a myriad of video, sculpture, drawing, music, text and live events.

Ben Lerner is also the author of two novels Leaving the Atocha Station and 10:04  and has also published three poetry collections inlcuding The Lichtenberg Figures, Angle of Yaw and Mean Free Path. 

Visit the FB event page for more details.**


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let the brittle bits @ MilMa, May 8 – 31

8 May 2015

The fifth instalment in the Elements at MilMa series of group exhibitions is coming to London’s Millington | Marriott, titled let the brittle bits and running from May 8 to May 31.

Each exhibition forms through an invitation process by which M|M invites the initial artist who then extends an invitation to another artist from any discipline, and the process in repeated until the programme is complete.

The stages of invitation exist in order to allow “each element the experience of both complete and loss of control resulting in an exhibition catalysed through each artist reacting to one another”. Participating in the fifth instalment of this series are artists Heather Phillipson, Michael PhillipsonRichard MüllerRachel Crummey, and Susan Sluglett.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **

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Benedict Drew & friends @ Reactor, Feb 21

18 February 2015
Experimental programme Reaction Halls brings its 13th episode this weekend, titled ‘Salon dyslexic’ starting at 7pm on February 21.

The Reactor-curated programme brings a night of live performances, film screenings and music events in an attempt to “tackle the anxiety and neurosis generated from the condition of dyslexia” through the “academic shanty town” of the Reaction Halls series.

The night will feature screenings of Mainland Rock from artist Benedict Drew and Augur from Nicholas Brooks, spoken words by Heather Phillipson, and the second iteration of Drew’s Dyslexic Shanty performance with video accompaniment by Rhodri Davies, on amplified harp.

See the event page for details. **

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