Hannah Anbert

Hannah Anbert @ Cosmos Carl, Aug 5

2 August 2016

Hannah Anbert is presenting Sacred Work (karaoke version) on Cosmos Carl August 5.

The Copenhagen-based artist transforms iconic pop ballads such as I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and I Will Acknowledge You and Euphoria by Loreen. Anbert changes the lyrics to make songs about human resource management and the origins of paid labour.

The work will be presented in the form of a link on the Cosmos Carl site, utilising familiar and unfamiliar platforms to disseminate it. Artists are encouraged to “reclaim (commercial) online platforms” such as Torrent, eBay, Pinterest, Google Maps, or Amazon to produce and display their art. Thus making the work more accessible to those who might stumble upon it by chance, not necessarily in search of or viewing it as art.

See the Cosmos Carl website for more details.**

Hannah Anbert @ Cosmos Carl, Aug 5
Hannah Anbert, ‘Permanent Light Installation’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.


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