16 August 2011

Wou! Google buying Motorola and Fusion Garage coming back from the dead what a day yes-ter-day!

tablet reboot? Grid10 new proposal by FusionGarage

I’ll dig into MojoGoGo another day but for now lets focus on this orphan. One of those new promises (this time with bigger budget, ambitions and expectations) that we have big mixed feelings about…

After the failure of the original CrunchPad that then became the Joojoo tablet that then didn’t end up doing anything we’ve had an array of tablets and substitutes not only with Android, iOS or Windows flavors but with many custom-made operating systems (remember the German WePad then WeTab?). That trend is now dead and since the explosion of Honeycomb tablets it seems there’s not even room for WebOSes or BlackBerry Tablet OSes neither.

Ok so FusionGarage proposes a smartphone and a tablet based on Android’s kernel, so they get to completely redesign the User Interface…. and that’s about it, maybe redefine some specs of the OS for a better performance with their hardware partners.. but not much more because at the end of the day it uses Android apps + those they’ve specifically designed for their products.

A product which looks like someone’s already pointed out: the orphan kid of Windos8 meeting Ice Cream… but something went wrong in the conception. ¬†Either way, after their arguably “successful” viral campaign (with a big lack of taste from our humble point of view) behind the TabCo pseudo, GridOS and its 2 first products were unveiled and went on sale yesterday. A dedicated website… and all the things that go with it.

And after a quick look at the specs and despite already being available for purchase on the US we’re really afraid Fusion launched a bit too late once again, less drama yes, trying something fresh again, yes, but in terms of most specs… it’s already outdated.

Oh well, excitement killed. Next?

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