Grand Palais

FIAC @ Paris, Oct 21 – 25

21 October 2015

The International Contemporary Art Fair, or FIAC as it has become known, is taking over Paris this week, running at the Grand PalaisHors Les Murs and the Cité de la Mode et du Design from October 21 to October 25.

The fair transforms Paris into a colossal contemporary art capital for a few days every day, bringing in almost 1,500 artists to display for over 70,000 spectators across two main venues, with a lot of art changing a lot of hands, for even more money.

Among the hundreds of participant galleries are Galerie Allen with Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Zero with Victor Man, Pietro Roccasalva and Hans Schabus, C L E A R I N G with Huma Bhabha, Eduardo Paolozzi and Marina Pinsky, Pilar Corrias with Ian Cheng and Philippe Parreno, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler with a group show featuring GCC and Slavs and Tatars, as well as JeanrochdardHollybush Gardens, Real Fine Arts, Anat Ebgi, Room East, and Steve Turner.

See the FIAC website for details. **

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Art Paris Art Fair @ Grand Palais reviewed.

Art Paris. Pan Art Paradox.
4 April 2013

At the dawn of its 15th birthday, Art Paris Art Fair at Grand Palais is going through its teen phase of composing its own history and differentiating itself from the older International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC). Curator Guillaume Piens has taken bold steps towards redefining the event’s identity, defiantly refusing to abide by other blockbuster art fairs and opposing the kitsch tone of previous editions. Another key element of that strategic vision is the strong emphasis on Eastern countries, with a particular focus on Russia, invited as a guest of honour. The 90 Russian artists, represented by 25 galleries out of 144 exhibitors, create an impressive momentum indeed. However, the emerging dynamic goes as far as influencing visitors’ interests and expectations, at the risk of overshadowing the talent of other countries.

Petr Lovigin, 'My Louis is not coming back to me’ series (2013). Image courtesy of °Clair Galerie.
Petr Lovigin, ‘My Louis is not coming back to me’ series (2013). Image courtesy of °Clair Galerie.

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