#YOLO as a functional proposition in painting + techno in group show CORE​ ​REMISSION at Berlin’s g_rund, Sep 30 – Oct 26

28 September 2017

The CORE​ ​REMISSION group exhibition is on at Berlin’s gr_und, opening September 30 and running to October 26. 

Curated​ ​by​ ​Penny​ ​Rafferty and with a musical​ ​score​ ​by​ ​Kashev, the show includes work by Maximilian​ ​Arnold,​ ​Marco​ ​Bruzzone,​ ​Stefan​ ​Behlau,​ ​Zander​ ​Blom, Jessica​ ​Groome,​ ​ David​ ​Gaupp-Maier,​ ​ ​Nicholas​ ​Pittman,​ ​Johannes Mundinger, and more.

Through the mediums of painting and techno, the exhibition will bring together work that explores abstraction through the concept of YOLO. The press release, a text musing on these ideas and written by Rafferty, notes the exhibition “by its very nature is temporary and queer, much like gossip, thus it remains a functional proposition. Be it a colour field or a re-verb the process of abstraction is ultimately an extension of the customary room with a view, a suicide of the now, a stage-death that just stood up for the encore. #YOLO.”

Other participating artists include ​ Juliana​ ​Cerqueira​ ​Leite,​ ​Duncan​ ​Passmore,​ ​Mickael Marman,​ ​Marlene​ ​Stark​ ​and​ ​Jonas​ ​Schoeneberg.

Visit the gr_und website for details.**

Marco​ ​Bruzzone​, ‘Mosse and Mossette (Studio per un Set di Emoji ispirati al Bacterio di E.Sottsass)’ (2016) Courtesy the artist + Gillmeier Rech, Berlin
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Unpacking transdisciplinary prose + remixed poetics in Cc: Soft John Poetics at Berlin’s gr_und, Sep 26 + 27

26 September 2017

The Soft John Poetics and Hard John Poetics dualevent at Berlin’s gr_und is taking place on September 26 and 27.

Run by Cc:, the first event Soft John Poetics on September 26 is part of a monthly event looking at poetics and includes contributions by CA Conrad, Caspar Heinemann, Zoe Darsee, Zan de Parry, Fette Sans, Alex Turgeon and others to be announced shortly. 

The second event, Bcc: Hard John Poetics on September 27, aims to “critically unpack hard transdisciplinary Prose and remixed Poetics that both forfeit and rejoice in Aesthetic discourse today” by an open discussion, open platform format. 

gr_und is a nonprofit space dedicated to hosting exhibitions, workshops, live web radio and other formats to re-adjust the “status quo of the commercial art world.”**

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