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Pleasure Principle @ Actual Size LA, Aug 7

5 August 2016

Gold Los Angeles publication studio is launching Pleasure Principle, a limited edition box containing work by eight artists, at Actual Size Los Angeles on August 7.

Organized by Ella Gold, the package includes work from Sam Bloch, Hailey Loman, Nicolas G Miller, Benjamin Reiss, Ellen Schafer, Mark So, Tom Trudgeon, and Gray Wielebinski. It was produced in an edition of 25 .

The works investigate “Surrealist theories of desire, repression, and Eros” and borrows its name from “Freud’s proposition that civilization is based on the subjugation of desire”. The press release goes on to state that Pleasure Principle engages 20th century thought around ‘the Erotic’ offering alternative approaches to “politics and sexuality in the 21st century”.

The black box ‘cloaks’ the pieces from the world, “keeping them in their most civilized state, but when released, they may offer a more radical theory of our time”.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Pleasure Principle @ Actual Size Los Angeles, Aug 7

Gray Wielebinski, ‘All I’m Asking for’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.

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