Giulia Essyad

Channeling social media + self-promotion in the #videotutorials online exhibition curated by PANE project + hosted by AQNB

13 May 2018

Milan’s PANE project is launching the #videotutorials group exhibition at Marseille’s plage des goudes today, as part of Media Naranja‘s MN_02 programme, opening Sunday May 13 at 8am. With that, the online iteration of the show will be accessible via AQNB also, through the QR code on posters around the French city, designed by Giulio Scalisi.

The project invites visitors on the beach and remotely to connect with their smartphones to the work of 30 artists presenting their own take on the wildly successful online video tutorial format.
 The internet and social media phenomenon means content hosting platforms like YouTube and Instagram are crowded with short ‘how to’ films on a multitude of subjects, including makeup, cooking, DIY, health, beauty and more. According to PANE project, they’re the “ultimate expression of self-promotion, representing the primary mode of interaction between users on a social channel.”

Hence,#videotutorials features a heterogeneous line-up of artists creating their own educational videos, recorded only with a smartphone and using the most common apps -representative of their creative process of their artistic practice, or not. Watch all 30 videos below, with captions from the artists themselves:

Paul Barsch, ‘How to count your budget’ (2018)

“There are ways to produce works without spending money, but you end up spending it anyway. Most of the time you might not even sell what you produce, so keep track of that budget ;)”

Monia Ben Hamouda, ‘How to be each other company: a thread’ (2018)

“YAY or NAY?
You’re third emoji is your reaction!”

Bob Bicknell-Knight, ‘Click export and sleep’ (2017)

“Wake up. Open the video editor. Open Facebook. Check your Instagram. Watch your story. Refresh your feed. Watch some TV. Rehydrate. Have an idea. Close your eyes. Buy something on Amazon. Narrow your eyes. Write down the idea. Send an email. Send 20 emails. Export a video. Sleep.”

BJÖRNSONOVA (Lucie Mičíková, Zuzana Žabková, Nik Timková), ‘The BLISS’ (2018)

“Slime and carpet cat. From four to six. The circle got bigger than we’ve expected. Making sticky holes.”

Chiara Camoni, ‘Un fischietto’ (2018)

“Take a piece of clay, shape a cone.
Drill a hole starting from the bottom.
Then near the top drill a smaller hole, inclined at 45°, reaching the internal one.
On the top make a slot, which points towards the oblique cut.
Close the bottom hole.

Rosa Ciano, ‘Sutura #1’ (2018)

“I’m wishing I’m wishing For the one I love To find me To find me Today Insert the needle forming a 90° degree angle with the skin surface In this example the suture is done with a needle holder All you have to ask the hunter is patience Slave in the magic mirror come from the farthest space through wind and darkness I summon thee Speak Those were two second class deers surely below seven years of age but both moving bothered by a very very big animal that is wandering around there.”

Pierre Clement, ‘How to’ (2018)

“How to avoid getting stuck?
1. Become aware of your pattern
2. Research more deeply
3. Know yourself and try be realistic
4. Make a timeline
5. Ensure your main motivation is intrinsic
6. Repeat”

Sara Culmann, ‘Burning House Tutorial for Beginners’ (2018)

there is not the best way
not any tips to fire
to give birth two siblings to split them
to cut
to replace
to burn
to be burned
not any tips to entropic propaganda”

Alessandro Di Giampietro, ‘FOR SALE Front View’ (2017)
Alessandro Di Giampietro, ‘FOR SALE Back View’ (2017)

“YEAR 1926
LOCATION Montesilvano Spiaggia, ITALY

10 km from the city walls of Pescara, 20 minutes from Pescara airport newly built country house, of approx 255 sq, 7120 mq of land, overlooking the valley. The house was built in 1923, used as a family home, in excellent condition except for some little details. Not isolated, within walking distance from amenities. Ground floor with: entrance, kitchen with access to the terrace, living room with fireplace and service; on the 1st floor (sleeping area) with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms; basement with laundry room/boiler, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and second access. The house is surrounded by a drain channel. Finishing with double-glazing, alarm system, wooden beams, tiled floors, gas heating (tank 1750 litres). Excellent deal. Suitable as a holiday home, or for those who would like to live permanently in our beautiful area.”

Ben Elliot, ‘How to make a complete meal with your Ben Elliot water’ (2017)

“- ¾ of a 0,5L Ben Elliot Water
– 100g of Soylent Powder (1cup / 4 spoons)
– 1 funnel
– Put the Soylent powder in the bottle
– Shake for 20 seconds”

Giulia Essyad, ‘DICKPIC’ (2017)

“Could be: don’t be a dumb macho if u want tender strokes.”

Michele Gabriele, ‘Try to spell “PIZZA” letter by letter without get interrupted’ (2017)

“No oven in the studio? Try this to get hot pizza instantly.”

Jason Gomez, ‘Media Medium II’ (2011 – 2015)

Helena Hladilová, ‘Hand Tufting Gun machine’ (2018)

“Hand Tufting Gun: a rudimentary sewing machine with horizontal handle that allows to weave rugs very quickly, managing to get a very accurate-in-details final product.”

Ittah Yoda, A New Head (2018)

“We create work that plays with confusion and instability, questioning the boundaries between the virtual and the physical world in relation to human consciousness. One of our strong interests lies in matter in relation to the human body as a haptic experience.

In sharing two consciousnesses through digital creation in the work, we actively include the error of the programme as a third mind.

Questioning the notion of individuality and uniqueness, we explore the creation of new entities connected under the form of a new ecological justice where the viewer has a wider space to participate more actively.”

Rada Kozelj, ‘How to touch my shield’ (2018)

“I was fighting with many sisters for our goddess Artemis. I had long hair, my body was covered with green leaves made of emerald. I was riding in the forest with my arc and a heavy shield. Nobody could touch me, I was paralysed by anger, and I still can’t move the right side of my face.”

Lucia Leuci, ‘Gut’ (2017)

“The cicadas sang in the olive grove, while my brother filmed the scene. I was not astounded by the gut and its persistent smell but I was impressed by my dog who wanted to eat it. My father tried to distance the dog and to comfort my four-year-old niece, who was annoyed because she could not touch the gut too.”

Alexandra Metcalf, ’18’ (2017)

“Give me 18 gifts, follow 18 steps, drink 18 drinks — 18 chai lattes preferably — center you’re chi. On December 18, 2018, you will have reached nirvana.”

Alejandra Muñoz, ‘How to write your feelings in an artistic way’ (2018)

“Open your computer, write a text of exactly what you are thinking, and feel free to stamp it on a 3D model of your choice. Try using colours that will enhance your thoughts. Render it, feel a weight off your shoulders.”

Rolf Nowotny, ‘SOIL’ (2018)

“The artist negotiates the many spheres of reality only to find that he has a home in neither. He is, thus, set free.”

Nuno Patrício, ‘How to morph the self into insect’ (2017)

“‘How to morph the self into insect’ is an instructional video to guide you tgohruh several (course | source) morphing techniques in oredr to use the power of the mind and (earth | heart) to transcript your body iton something else. From producer to reproducer; (dog | god) spawns morph mindfulness. Happy morphing ’s! .HEXX .(begin | being) in any sctcieon of the galaxy; then, avoid (own | won) ericpted sections; RDTo: A) leva yore resta in Kryo; nad… B) (felt | left) began your (moor | room) trek to the Obne; (close your eyes); &&: repptids and head Enophs connected to HtsrmpaOne; get to point B (form | from) point A as fast as possible; repeat (course | source) as many times as you like‰;”

Marta Pierobon, ‘My big blue eyes’ (2017)

“A tutorial turned short story in the private setting of my home; a domestic little horror and a mysterious voyage through which I come to life as two big blue eyes.” 

Lukáš Prokop, ‘Our eyes are yet to open’ (2018)

“Forward a few years ahead: Our boundaries have been breached, ascension is hip. Everyone has their own way. Provost Willem didn’t see this coming.” 

Namsal Siedlecki, ‘Vellum’ (2018)

“Vellum is a translucent material produced from the skin of a young animal. The skin is soaked in lime for several days to soften and remove the hair. The hair follicles may be visible, together with any scarring, made while the animal was alive. The membrane can also show the pattern of the animal’s vein network called the ‘veining’ of the sheet.”

Anna Slama & Marek Delong, Asylum (2017)

“Please express yourself. I would like to see at least half of your freedom. Ideas, magic, practice. Show us the roots and make them emotionally available. No chaos, rather order, but avant-garde. I can’t wait for all the beautiful nonsense meanings, dancing around with you whispering ‘Keep me alive, keep me alive.’
You will stand for yourself, sure you will, in a sand castle fighting for your existence…”

What we mean by this is that in the video we used scans of our drawings and we made them alive. Just a little tiny party for them by a sea coast. We are trying to treat our works as characters; beings we created with a certain behaviour. It is hard to think of a tutorial, since we don’t always lead our imagination and practice. Our works are our buddies and we hope they can express themselves without additional meanings and paper descriptions; that they can exist independently of us, galleries and human-made situations.”

Rustan Söderling, ‘CCC’ (2018)

“Crisis = Creatively Avoided
Confidence = Completely Unbreakable
Career = Course Corrected”

Ian Swanson, ‘Prototype Mascall Mouse Trap (for Omar)’ (2018)

“A prototype 400-year-old mouse trap design made as a gift for a friend at my corner bodega, used as a selling implement for his ‘side hustle’ of reusable mouse and rat traps sold to other NYC bodegas.”

Gaia Vincensini, ‘Titanium’ (2017)

“This video is a collaboration with Genevan rapper abi2spee showing how to wear and style the armour ‘Titanium’ that I made in 2016.”**

The #videotutorials group exhibition, curated by Milan’s PANE project, is launching at Marseille’s plage des goudes and online at AQNB, as part of Media Naranja’s MN_02 programme, opening on May 13, 2018.