Getting Ready

Marisa Olson @ Transfer Gallery, Dec 15 – Jan 10

16 December 2014

Transfer Gallery is bringing Getting Ready, a solo exhibition and performance project by Marisa Olson, to its Brooklyn space from December 15 to January 10.

The artist, writer, and media theorist (and former Rhizome editor and curator) continues her interdisciplinary methodology with Getting Ready – which invokes “the anxiety of preparation for public engagement and exploring the degrees to which online participation soothes or exacerbates social alienation” – and touches on themes that have become staples in her work, like the politics of participation, gender theory, and the cultural history of technology.

Unlike most exhibitions, the performance-based project begins with no opening reception. In fact, Olson will spend the duration of the exhibition holed up in the gallery, opening the doors to the public only for a live performance and closing party on the show’s last day, enacting her performances through a web-based collaboration with NewHive multimedia publishing platform instead.

See the Transfer Gallery exhibition page for details. **

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