George Unsworth

Gathering Place 2 @ The Advisory, Aug 28

26 August 2016

The Gathering Place 2 group reading is on at London’s The Advisory on August 28.

Hosted by East London gallery ANDOR —where the first Gathering Place happened in February and aqnb reviewed here —is organised as part of a series of bank holiday events organised by Caspar Heinemann, Simon Pomery, and George Unsworth.

The press release comes accompanied by a sparsely punctuated text unravelling a softly anxious stream-of-consciousness, from a state of sleep into wakefulness along with all the worries of the world, and lists Heinemann, Holly Childs, Aurelia Guo, Hestia Peppe, and Lawrence Uziell as invited readers:

“…It’s the slumped up future it’s the eager past it’s geographical specificity it’s the circle of life and stolen bikes it’s trying to get my tongue so deep into my cheek that it reaches my heart…”

See the FB event page for details.**

Caspar Heinemann @ Gathering Place (2016). Courtesy the artist and ANDOR, London.
Caspar Heinemann @ Gathering Place (2016). Courtesy the artist and ANDOR, London.

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Pre-empty @ Evelyn Yard, Jul 29 – Sep 17

26 July 2016

The Pre-empty group exhibition is on at London’s Evelyn Yard, opening July 29 and running to September 17.

Curated by George Unsworth, the show includes work by Josh BitelliHamishi FarahCaspar HeinemannFelix Melia, and Gili Tal. There is little information on the press release aside from excerpts from a narrative text or poem that might be suggestive of the show’s possible themes: boredom, anxiety, danger, loss, and safety.

The press release states “give yourself more time to interpret safety spiritually and apply greater meaning to your future sacrifice. don’t be scared. think of family and complete the sentence, you are to truth what I am…”

See the Evelyn Yard website website for more details.**

Pre-empty @ Evelyn Yard, Jul 29 - Sep 17

Caspar Heinemann, ‘Untitled’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.

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Paul Kneale @ DRAF, Jun 27

26 June 2015

As part of their new +1 series, George Unsworth invites artist Paul Kneale to launch New Abject at DRAF this Saturday, June 27.

The +1 series is a new collaboration between DRAF and various London art spaces, collectives, and publications, inviting artists to present their latest projects in the DRAF library and engage in discussions about their practice with art world guests, like Unsworth.

For their third event, DRAF hosts Hackney-based gallery ANDOR, founded in 2010 by Unsworth, who in turn invites London-based artist Kneale to launch his new e-book, New Abject, done in collaboration with Swiss designer Dan Solbach. The book, which is one of the outcomes of ANDOR’s alternative publishing studio, Dreaming of Streaming, will be available for free at the launch and through Kneale’s one-day takeover of the DRAF website.

See the event page for details. **


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