Fin Simonetti

Sanctuary for Families benefit group exhibition Eye to eye at Arsenal Contemporary, Jan 25 – Feb 25

23 January 2018

The Eye to eye group exhibition at New York’s Arsenal Contemporary opens January 25 and is running to February 25.

The benefit exhibition “strives to empower survivors of gender violence” in support of Sanctuary for Families. The large scale project brings together 40 artists including Nina BeierMeriem Bennani, Hannah Black, Cristine BracheVaginal DavisFin SimonettiChloe WiseHannah Perry, Laure Prouvost and Carol Rama among many others.

Sanctuary for Families is a New York-based charity and organisation working for those affected by gender and domestic violence, sex trafficking and more, providing safety and stability to those in need through clinical serves, shelter and programmes.

Visit the Arsenal Contemporary website for details.**

Cristine Brache, ‘Safe Words’ (2017). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + MX Gallery, New York.


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The absent abyss between the living + the death in Fin Simonetti’s LIFEMORTS at Interstate Projects, Nov 10 – Dec 17

8 November 2017

Fin Simonetti is presenting solo exhibition LIFEMORTS at New York’s Interstate Projects, opening November 10 and running to December 17.

There is no indication or press release as to what the show will be, but the New York-based artist often works across mediums in sculpture, drawing, video, performance and is also a sound artist, where her music can be found here.

Her work often pits itself between extremes and emotions; polarized between agony and ecstasy, violence and care, ambiguous and coherent to unpick power structure, domination and oppression and its effect on the body.

You can view documentation from a recent solo exhibition IS PATH WARM? at North Little Rock’s Good Weather, which opened in June.

Visit the Interstate Projects website for details.**

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The threat + the threatened: tracing an unstable line in Fin Simonetti IS PATH WARM? at Good Weather

25 July 2017

Fin Simonetti presented solo exhibition IS PATH WARM? at North Little Rock’s (Arkansas) Good Weather, which opened June 3 and is running to July 29.

Fin Simonetti, ‘First Leg’ (2017). Detail. Courtesy the artist + Good Weather, North Little Rock.

The New York-based artist is most known for her red ink drawings, and has recently moved towards sculpture as well. Objects made of marble and cut-out floor works are strewn across the room, as if you are entering a moment of after. A dismembered dog becomes a metaphor or signifier to explore “the physical, psychological, and political destruction of the body.”

The leash traces an “unstable line between the body as a threat and as threatened,” opening up a dialogue to talk about vulnerability and neglect. Simonetti is also a musician, where you can hear her sounds here.

Visit the Good Weather website for details.**

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