Morehshin Allahyari @ Transfer Gallery, Oct 22 – Dec 3

21 October 2016

Morehshin Allahyari is presenting solo exhibition She Who Sees the Unknown at New York’s Transfer Gallery, opening October 22 and running to December 3.

The Iranian-born, US-based artist presents a new body of work — including 3D sculptures, text, moving image and a public research program in a reading room and online public archive — as part of an ongoing activism practice concerned with “Digital Colonialism and ‘re-Figuring’ as a Feminism and activism practice”.

Launching alongside Allahyari’s one year research residency at Eyebeam, the show explores “forgotten, misrepresented, and suppressed histories and narratives” in “dark goddesses, monstrous, and djinn female figures of Middle-Eastern origin”. In moving beyond a binary view of “West vs Islam”, the focus of She Who Sees the Unknown is on magic and poetic-speculative storytelling, re-appropriation of traditional mythologies, collaging, meshing, scanning, and archiving.

See the Transfer Gallery website for details.**

Morehshin Allahyari, 'Unknown King of Hatra' (2015). Courtesy upfor.digital, Portland.
Morehshin Allahyari, ‘Unknown King of Hatra’ (2015). Courtesy upfor.digital, Portland.
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Five Years of Free Art & Technology

31 March 2013

Our favorite New York DIY art technology collective are throwing a big party tomorrow. Tomorrow… and the day after that too, and many more days until April 20th, that’s way too many parties right?

The thing is that influential NY “Lab” Free Art & Technology (F.A.T.) are celebrating their fifth anniversary starting tomorrow with a “night of thug life, pop culture, and R&D” at the always tireless centre Eybeam (who at the same time are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a series of expos).

Curated by Lindsay Howard “GOLD” is presented as an exhibition & a gathering of all those international crazy collaborators (artists, hackers, engineers, musicians, graffiti writers…). An expo which will feature significant works from 2007 to the present, including new projects to be launched on opening night.

The influential group—who’ve collectively and independently received prestigious honors such as the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award, Transmediale Award or Prix Ars Electronica will be onsite daily during the week of April 1, participating in panels, hackathons, collaborative pieces and a long list of events they’ve prepared for us (full schedule on their page).

Eyebeam F.A.T. announcement gif
Eyebeam F.A.T. announcement gif

One great thing for those not being able to attend is that Eyebeam & F.A.T. will be streaming “Public Access”, an audio-visual program produced by F.A.T. Fellows Jamie Wilkinson and Bennett Williamson conceived as a show and which will include interviews with the artists and guest collaborators, YouTube show & tell, visual effects, jam sessions…….. and which will be able to be livestreamed @ www.gold.fffff.at/live.html. Enjoy!

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Clouds – Interactive Documentary

29 November 2012

Jonathan Minard must be having a few very busy weeks lately, on one side helping digital arts venue Eyebeam recover from the flood New York suffered a few weeks ago, on the other, preparing and polishing the last few details of his upcoming documentary “Clouds“, co-created with media artist James George.

CLOUDS Data capsule with laser etched 3D pointcloud (image via Clouds KS)
CLOUDS Data capsule with laser etched 3D pointcloud (image via Clouds KS) – one of the potential rewards for supporting their project

After many many months in the making and over 6 months since release of the Beta-teaser, “Clouds” is ready for some mainstream love, but as it happens many times… it needs one last push. A push for completing the film but also for that toolkit they’ve created called RGBDT, an open-source software library they’ve developed for 3D filmmaking. Basically they’ve pared XBOX’s Kinect with an HD video camera to generate that bizarre but intriguing hybrid video you can see on their KS clip…

A project we’ve decided to support not just for “RGBDT” but for the story behind, filled with interviews & talks with more than 30 new media artists, curators, designers… obsessed with emerging technologies, new collaborative tools and above all, “new visual expressionism”. One to keep en eye on. More info on the project & film on their KS page.

RGBD Filmmaking DIY Toolkit (image via Clouds KS)
RGBD Filmmaking DIY Toolkit (image via Clouds KS)
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Open(Art) Call for Proposals

13 October 2012

Here’s one of our quick reminders for the weekend…. Now that the deadline has been extended (only until next Friday though)  you may be willing to know that Open(Art), aka the joint project between New York’s Eyebeam center & Mozilla Foundation, is still accepting submissions…

Project Open studio
One of the projects from last summer’s Open Studios edition (all images via EyeBeam)

Both non-profit organisations are collaborating together in this “Open(Art)” contest, which in essence is looking for new, fresh and exciting ideas that need some development and funding help.

Open(Art) is a unique opportunity for artists and technologists to collaborate on new work that catalyzes creative participation on a global scale. Interested makers are invited to propose projects that push the boundaries of online or networked culture and address contemporary social challenges, while contributing to the community of practice around creative code”.

Open Paths project
Open Paths project from last summer’s Open Studios, a limited edition LP that features a continuous year of personal location-tracking data recorded by Brian House

Three (3) projects will be selected from an open call for proposals. Mozilla and Eyebeam will support Open(Art) Fellows to produce, present and grow the projects over a six-month development process. Each of the three selected project teams will be awarded a $15,000 production budget and resources to develop their work, including desk space and access to design, research, and fabrication studios at Eyebeam’s New York location.

The contest is open to any non-student participant from anywhere (although acommocation and relocation for non-New Yorkers isn’t provided) and looks like perfect opportunity for artists & technologists (or simply, anyone with a great idea) to fusion art and open web. More info on how to apply & conditions, dates…etc this way ladies & gentlemen.

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Lumarca @ Eyebeam – NYC

9 January 2012

Here’s a quick but highly recommended free visit proposal for next week in NYC: Lumarca.

The installation is a volumetric display which allows viewers to see 3D images and motion. The system requires only a computer, a projector, and common materials found at most hardware stores. Its scale is limited only by the size of the projected image and…. your own ambition.

Conceived as an affordable platform for artists to design compelling content, Lumarca is a collaboration between Albert Hwang, Matt Parker and Elliot Woods. It will be on display in the Eyebeam Main Space from January 12th – February 4th. For this particular installation, Parker and Hwang will be executing a 30′ cubed Lumarca structure.

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