25 May 2011

Our friend Mr Saló (remember Madrilona?) just published his latest work: Españistán.

Half way between the Greek Crisis explained & the roughest political caricatures from our daily newspaper Aleix tries once again to simplify with corrosive irony the current situation in the Iberian country.

“Welcome to Españistán, the country with the best education system across Africa. The country with the ever-growing mortgages & shrinking salaries, a young democracy capable of patenting the mop while building a terraced over a common grave trying to close historical disputes.

Welcome to the country with the best-paid European CEOs and the highest unemployment rate from the OECD. Where 65% of all the money flows printed on 500€ notes… the nation of nations with most official languages, regional dances and cocaine consumption per capita in the world…”

"you have to feed them 3 times a day, they're insatiable"

Besides being a wild satire about the Spanish current crisis “Españistán” is the story about a young worker who tries to get rid of his mortgage. For such impossible but holy task he’ll have to travel across the desert kingdom of Españistán.

As he puts it himself Españistán is a comic filled with clichés, foolish situations and many grammatical errors. But it’s fucking funny. Unfortunately it’s only in Spanish (and we really doubt it will ever get translated), but the surreal & absurd paradigms are very universal. More info this way.

I think his previous animation is way more comprehensible and shall give you an idea of his humor … please not that it may offend viewers’ sensibilities…

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