Giorgio Moroder gets on soundcloud

22 October 2012

We’re not really sure if this is a fakey fake or a proper fake but this past week’s Internet buzz (if to be believed) speaks of legendary Italo-disco master Giorgio Moroder creating his own Souncloud account….

Giorgio Moroder (images via discogs.com)
Giorgio Moroder (images via discogs.com)

Much like twitter it could be great for Soundcloud to add a “verified” logo to those accounts which are officially official as we’ve found two “official” accounts, plain vanilla GM and GM2 (we assume he’s created 2 different accounts to keep uploading several tracks having reached the limit on his first account)… but either way we celebrate both!

The father & precursor of Italo disco and even trance has uploaded a good bunch of hits and “some rare” tracks (like the following German version of Stop!), but the unforgettables, unmissables and even some of his soundtracks are online. 28 tracks on GM and 12 (so far) on his second account with some of his memorable collaborations…

 but also his latest performances like this year’s live performance @ the Parisian fashion week for a famous luxury brand… now all you need is a twitter account Mr Moroder!

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Night Theme

13 December 2011

We missed this one when it came out last October! But there’s intelligent people who share the best electronic bits with us (thnx Lucia)! Raiders of the Lost ARP is Mario Pierro’s solo project (one half of Mat101 and Jollymusic), and Night Theme is the cosmodisco single taken out of his recently released Battlestar EP (9th release for Lunardisko).

Using images & footage from NASA archives Mario proposes to help the Space Raiders in their mission to protect mankind against the evil Doctor 66, and I guess all we can do to help them is dance those beats till we reach the stars… whether you want to take a spaceship or a wormhole shortcut… that’s your story.

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6 September 2011

The most bombastic electro duo since Daft Punk have new album ready. We know it will come out by the end of October, and from now on (even if there have already been like 500 leaks out there) is just a matter of building the viral effect up. Will they deliver?

After last Spring’s Civilization the new single had to be at least as powerful & explosive, this is what Justice are all about in the end, an endless stream of corrosive electronic bombs trying to keep the faith in the French touch… as a viable business model. Maybe the new Parisian generation of DJs shouldn’t be cataloged as such.

Everything sounds the same, same hard rock, same crushing synths, same simplicity, effective simplicity… but hard to improve or surprise on something that truly marked electro back in 2007.

And everything stays in-house of course, Xavier & Pedro didn’t have to go very far for their new album with SO ME directing the latest video and with all the Parisian sacred halo that surrounds them. Let’s pray to Jesus the new album is at least as divine as the first one.

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19 August 2011

I’m going to insist myself. Explosive sex is risky but satisfying. And if it’s one-time no-strings liasons during a trip even better. Seems like Crystabel, Keira and Charlie preach but do they practice?

Explosive performances yes, like last weekend @ Yes Wayr, short but intense. And they’ve been delivering for a while now…. their 12″ EP “Travel Sex” was released earlier this summer unde Parlour Rec with this crazy video by Zeena Zakaria.

I need more drugs, and these girls need more valium, or maybe not, they just need their mics to work.

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No Brain

20 June 2011

More of a Friday video but discovering Etienne de Crecy is not dead is always good news! And by saying he’s not dead we mean the essence of the French Touch movement is not dead neither… which is …. okish news.

I hadn’t personally payed attention to Bernard since his Commercial EPs back in 2007 and his impressive (Daft Punk style) live cube around the same time…

But Etienne just got this Max Hattler style video directed by Fleur & Manu (Division) for “No Brain” which is part of his latest compilation Beats n’ Cubes Vol.1 (which you can listen to here).

Oh and Mr Mooloodjee is now on a mini-American tour and will be back to Europe for the late summer, just in time for our best festivals.

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the tangible electrophonic drumstick

15 May 2011

Cory Levinson (alias Kohwi) is one of those hidden talents whose works & witty sounds still need a bit of polishing, but sound spatially and astronomically perfect. Like many psychedelic kids from the new generation. Although today we ask him to join our fray not for his great compositions (that you should definitely check out on his soundcloud & bandcamp) but for his latest device.

And it’s true when our friend John Kay insists that the best new sounds & groups come from the DIY music scene. In the case of Cory, his latest creation comes in the form of a tangible electrophonic drumstick! His new musical instrument was designed & built as part of his coursework at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Queen’s University Belfast. He integrated it into his Kohwi lives during his European tour over the past two months.

His new work “Hidden Trees” should be out very very zoon!

Hidden Trees by Kohwi

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