Giorgio Moroder gets on soundcloud

, 22 October 2012

We’re not really sure if this is a fakey fake or a proper fake but this past week’s Internet buzz (if to be believed) speaks of legendary Italo-disco master Giorgio Moroder creating his own Souncloud account….

Giorgio Moroder (images via
Giorgio Moroder (images via

Much like twitter it could be great for Soundcloud to add a “verified” logo to those accounts which are officially official as we’ve found two “official” accounts, plain vanilla GM and GM2 (we assume he’s created 2 different accounts to keep uploading several tracks having reached the limit on his first account)… but either way we celebrate both!

The father & precursor of Italo disco and even trance has uploaded a good bunch of hits and “some rare” tracks (like the following German version of Stop!), but the unforgettables, unmissables and even some of his soundtracks are online. 28 tracks on GM and 12 (so far) on his second account with some of his memorable collaborations…

 but also his latest performances like this year’s live performance @ the Parisian fashion week for a famous luxury brand… now all you need is a twitter account Mr Moroder!