Dennis Rudolph

Experiencing the synergy of a falling point in State of the Art at Lily Robert, Mar 16 – Apr 29

15 March 2017

The State of the Art group exhibition is on at Paris’ Lily Robert, opening March 16 and running to April 29.

The show will begin with a performance on the opening night, and features work by 19 international artists, including by Angelina Jesson & Jaron HillMaya Rochat, Tracy-Jeanne Rosenthal and Dennis Rudolph, among others.

The exhibition title is a reference to the Berlin project space set up in 2014 by Rudolph to host a “constantly evolving constellation of residents”. The aim of the project, and exhibition, is to invite artists, poets and theorists to enter into a collaborative dialogue that explores the “experience of duration and the creative synergy of a falling point as well as a place of life.”

See the Lily Robert website for details.**

State of the Art (2017). Promotional image. Courtesy Lily Robert, Paris.




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JUMP @ CAC Brétigny, Nov 19 – Jan 22

17 November 2016

The JUMP group exhibition is on at CAC Brétigny, opening November 19 and running to January 22. 

Commissioned by Céline Poulin, 15 artists will show including Julie Béna, Aleksandra Domanović, Zackary Drucker, Dennis Rudolph and Sean Raspet, among others. These artists’ work exists on the edges of perception, looking at what it means to be seen and not seen and to be and not be real, questioning the essence of identity and its fluidity in the context of reality.

The exhibition will be presented in an installation designed by Jean-Pascal Flavien exploring these transitions — redefining and blurring our understanding of space and artefacts; as intimate, utilitarian, and ambivalent forms, or even passages between realities.

See the CAC Brétigny website for (French-language) details.**

Aleksandra Domanović , Bulls Without Horns (2016). Courtesy Tanya Leighton, Berlin.
Aleksandra Domanović , ‘Bulls Without Horns’ (2016). Courtesy Tanya Leighton, Berlin.
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