Chris Viaggio

Peanut butter + dried up markers smeared across Sophie Serber’s messy interests in Gravity Sucks Again at CAVE3000, Sep 16 -19

15 September 2017

Sophie Serber is presenting Gravity Sucks Again at Berlin’s Cave3000,opening September 16 and running to September 19.

The press release includes only an abstract written excerpt credited to Chris Viaggio, referring to the Amsterdam-based artist’s often crude aesthetic interests. It reads, “Sucking is pulling, Delivering too, to a cocked-locked-and-loaded organ—what I would do,” while imagining a space where “peanut butter coats the walls; it’s the stuff, it stays stuck and remembers where it’s been—the scribbled marks of a marker drying out.”

Cave3000 is run by Natasja Loutchko in her apartment, where performances and exhibitions take place, which encourages dialogue between public and private, and is described as a “place for play and elaborative social structures.”

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