Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot @ Serpentine Pavilion, Jun 17

15 June 2016

Camille Henrot‘s ‘Buffalo Head: A Democratic Storytelling Experience’ will is on at London’s Serpentine Pavilion on June 17.

The evening is one of storytelling and collective decision-making, inspired by folk tales from the South of Italy and will see the audience take part in shaping a narrative alongside contributions from other artists. Poets such as David Horvitz, known for his emotive mail art projects, and dancer Amira Ghazalla whose work looks at ancient movement and how rituals are inherited.

For the event, which is a part of this year’s Serpentine Gallery summer programme, Park Nights, French artist Henrot has collaborated with the Fiorucci Art Trust and the contemporary art festival that they host every year on the semi-mythical volcanic Aeolian island, Stromboli called ‘Volcano Extravaganza’.

Henrot’s recent work has been found at New Museum, Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon and London’s Chisenhale Gallery, where in 2014 she presented a sort of rearrangement of objects, myths and their typologies across a carpeted room, which feels akin to the idea of deconstructing the way a story is told.

See the Serpentine website for more details.**

Camille Henrot, Nail Biting (v1) (Minor Concerns) (2015). Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris
Camille Henrot, ‘Nail Biting (v1) (Minor Concerns)’ (2015). Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris.
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Camille Henrot @ Johann König Galerie, Sep 4 – Nov 1

2 September 2015

Johann König Galerie opens its doors again after a lengthy summer renovation for The Pale Fox by Camille Henrot, opening at the Berlin space on September 4 and running until November 1.

The exhibition, which was commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery in partnership with Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Bétonsalon, and Westfälischer Kunstverein in 2014,  comprises “an architectural display system” with everything from drawings and digital images, to bronze, ceramic sculptures and found objects.

“Unfolding like a frieze across the four walls of the gallery…” The Pale Fox creates a highly constructed yet meditative world in which the four points of a compass are aligned with “the stages in an individual lifecycle, the evolution of technology, philosophical principles of Leibniz and the four Classical elements: fire, water, earth and air”.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **


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The Great Acceleration @ Taipei Biennial, Sep 12 – Jan 4

12 September 2014
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New basement

25 April 2012

Last week’s official opening of the Palais the Tokyo, (“the other” Parisian contemporary art nerve center oftenly seen as Centre Pompidou’s alternative), kicks off with its first major exhibition: « La Triennale ». A reopening – the “pre” was the week before – with many structural (though not cosmetic) changes that include a 14,000 square meter space increase… something that should leave plenty of room for surprises right?. PdT passes from 1 main floor to a thrillion levels of exhibition space (mainly 4 but there are so many mezzanines…) while adding a new “artists” shop and one another coffee to the previous “chic” bookshop & restaurant. A guts-shift which reinforces the debate around today’s cultural institutions’ role and their impact on our daily life.

Exhibition view, “La Triennale, Intense Proximité” - Palais de Tokyo (Paris) Photo by André Morin.
Exhibition view, “La Triennale, Intense Proximité” - Palais de Tokyo (Paris) Photo by André Morin.

Inspired by the work of mid-twentieth century French ethnography figures such as Claude Levi-Strauss and Michel Leiris, La Triennale gives a second look to the links between art and ethnography. The subtitle – Intense Proximity – demonstrates the correspondence between creativity in France and other art scenes throughout the world. The project’s main aim is to shift the idea of national space to a mobile frontier that continuously creates new combinations of spaces (global, local, national, inter-national, trans-national… nothing to do with our current politics electoral debate of course). Intense Proximity questions how an individual’s origins and education impact his/her situation in the context of a society. Continue reading New basement

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