Cairo Clarke

Dismantling the ‘whole’ in Touch Sensitive at Guest Projects, Mar 21 -26

20 March 2017

The Touch Sensitive event series is on at London’s Guest Projects, opening March 21 and running to March 26. 

Curated by Cairo Clarke, the project includes contributions by Lotte Andersen, Diana Chire, Harriet Middleton-Baker, Hannah Perry, Suzannah Pettigrew and Nikola Vasakova (Girls in Film). 

The series will explore representations of ‘female’ bodies by “dismantling the body as a category or ‘whole’ and creating open channels for discourse.” Focusing on the the concept of touch, each iteration will examine the body as database, and the ways in which this sense of communication can be understood “both emotionally and metaphorically.”

The programme includes:

– Hannah Perry collaborates with female adult dance collective, Mar 21

– Harriet Middleton-Baker proposes a re-telling of Hogarth’s cautionary tale ‘The Harlot’s Progress.‘, Mar 22

– Suzannah Pettigrew’s  The Difference Between (a Mirage and Realness), Mar 23 

– Lotte Andersen’s Dance Therapy, Mar 24

– Diana Chire’s Hair Manifesto, Mar 25 (12-6 pm)

– Girls in Film present a series of films exploring feelings that arise from the visual and physical experiences of the female form away from hyper sexualisation of bodies in ‘Embrace,’ Mar 26 (12-6pm)

See the FB event page for details.**


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