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1,000 ISLANDS @ Simon Lee Gallery, Nov 12 – Dec 21

10 November 2015

The 1,000 ISLANDS group exhibition is on at Hong Kong’s Simon Lee Gallery, opening November 12 and running to December 21.

Organised by Franklin Melendez and featuring artists Dora Budor, Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Pierre Huyghe, Josh Kline, Sean Raspet, Pamela Rosenkranz and Lucie Stahl, the exhibition press release offers a quote from Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species (1859), as a starting point:

“How have all those exquisite adaptations of one part of the organization to another part, and to the conditions of life, and of one distinct organic being to another being, been perfected? We see these beautiful co-adaptations most plainly in the woodpecker and mistletoe; and only a little less plainly in the humblest parasite which clings to the hairs of a quadruped or feathers of a bird; . . . in short, we see beautiful adaptations everywhere and in every part of the organic world.”

See the Simon Lee gallery website for details.**

Pamela Rosenkranz, Our Product (2015) @ Venice Biennale Swiss Pavilion. Exhibition view. Photo by Megan Monte.
Pamela Rosenkranz, Our Product (2015) @ Venice Biennale Swiss Pavilion. Exhibition view. Photo by Megan Monte.

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Josh Kline + Kiki Kogelnik @ Modern Art Oxford, Aug 21

19 August 2015

Modern Art Oxford is hosting an evening of events to celebrate the opening of two major exhibitions—Josh Kline‘s Freedom and Kiki Kogelnik‘s Fly Me to the Moon—on August 21.

The summer preview begins at 6pm with a discussion with Kline and Frieze editor Amy Sherlock about his exhibition, Freedom, and ideas used in his work, including 3D printing and media manipulation. At 7pm, both shows will officially open for public viewing, and at 7:30pm, Director of Modern Art Oxford, Paul Hobson, will give a short speech introducing the exhibitions.

After the official opening, the music begins with performances by Swedish singer-songwriter Julia Meijer and pop duo Freada (formerly known as Jess & Ness).

See the event page for details. **


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No Shadows in Hell @ Pilar Corrias, Jul 15 – Sep 4

13 July 2015

Pilar Corrias Gallery is opening a new group show titled No Shadows in Hell, running at their London space from July 15 to September 4.

The exhibition takes its name from a reference to JG Ballard’s 2000 novel, Super-Cannes, which describes a near future where “a ‘perfected’ pressured existence is based on corporate work and hyper-productivity”, and its santised community held together through “covertly administered doses of psychopathological violence that offset a tendency towards apathy and cultural malaise”.

Questioning a contemporary state of subjectivity and the “psychopathic” crisis of overproduction, No Shadows in Hell brings in new works by five international artists: Olivia Erlanger, Josh Kline, Jason Matthew Lee, Sam Lewitt, and Carissa Rodriguez.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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