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Mark Leckey @ Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, May 25 – Jul 30

23 May 2016

Mark Leckey is presenting solo exhibition UNIADDDUMTHS at Rome’s Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, opening May 25 and running July 30.

The British artist presented this show recently in March at Kunsthalle Basel, which saw a re-digitalisation of objects and sculptures that Leckey had previously brought to physical life from images in files he collected from the internet. There were things ranging from a Louise Bourgeois sculpture to an Egyptian mummified cat, in an exhibition part-curated and part-created called The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things. 

UNIADDDUMTHS is then a rendering back into what could be the file name for each word from the original title (i.e. jpeg) and it also kind of sounds like a smth, short for ‘something’.

It will be interesting to see if the works in the show in Rome will transform somehow from March’s version.

See the Sant’Andrea de Scaphis exhibition page for (limited) details.**

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MiArt 2016, Apr 8 – 11

7 April 2016

Milan’s MiArt is on at Fiera Milano exhibition venue of the Italian city, running April 8 to 11.

This year the stated intention of the event is to communicate “constant references with explicit echoes” linking the past with the present and defined by a thematic thread running through interdisciplinarity, networks and “the Economics of Experiences”. Artist Massimiliano Bomba produced a video for the fair that touches on these notions in image and text, through a root analogy of beekeeping and nudges to the link between production and global destruction in ‘Octagon’ (2016): “Sunday, sabbath, rest. Monday, depressed.”

Exhibiting galleries will be split into sections: ‘Established’ (along with its ‘Masters’, ‘Contemporary’ and ‘First Step’ sub-sections), ‘Decades’, ‘THENnow’ and ‘Object’, along with ’Emergent’ curated by Berlin-based independent curator Nikola Dietrich.

Galleries and artists to keep an eye out for include Brand New Gallery with Ori Gersht, Josh Reames and Kate Steciw, Steve Turner with Jonas Lund, C L E A R I N G with Eduardo Paolozzi, as well as Rirkrit Tiravanija and Korakrit Arunanondchai in collaboration with Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.
Mathew Gallery will present work by Than Hussein Clark and Exile’s 2156 – Volume 237 Acta Zoologica presentation will show Martin Kohout, Nathalie Du Pasquier and Paul Sochacki.

Other booths worth a mention include Ellis King, The Gallery Apart, China Art Objects, dépendance, Anat Ebgi, Emalin, Greene Naftali, Emanuel Layr, König Galerie, Limoncello, Nicodim, and Room East.

Events running in parallel with the fair include Che cosa sono gli oggetti? with Enrico Boccioletti, Costanza Candeloro, Parasite 2.0 and others at Centro Tian Qi, and the  #C2CMLN 2016 live music festival featuring the likes of Babyfather and GFOTY.

See Bomba’s video below and the MiArt website for details.**

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