Anna Torkkel

Towards fragility + softness: Anna Torkkel’s Present examines the essence of the here + now in Helsinki, Nov 16 – 18

16 November 2017

Anna Torkkel‘s Present performance is on at Helsinki’s Sorbus Gallery on November 16 and SIC Gallery on November 18.

As part of the Turku-based artist’s ongoing interest in presence and simplicity, the new show comes as part of the Baltic Circle Festival program and moves towards an idea of “the fragility and softness we are,” where the essence of life is in the here and now. 

Every showing of the piece happens in a different space, without the comfort of a constructed stage set, making each performance a unique, new and fleeting event. Produced by Ehkä-production and Torkkel, while featuring the artist along with Tashi Iwaoka, Mira Kautto, Johanna Porola, Piia Rinne, Riikka Thitz and Masi Tiitta, the event follows its premiere at Turku’s Titanik.

See the FB event page for details.**

Anna Torkkel, ‘Carlo For Ever’ (2005). Courtesy the artist.
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Baltic Circle festival @ Helsinki / The Internet, Nov 10 – 15

11 November 2015

The Baltic Circle international theatre festival is back, running at locations throughout Helsinki and the internet from November 10 to November 15. 

Organized every November, the festival takes over the Finnish capital with a series of performances, workshops, discussions and “movie brunches”, as well as spreading throughout the internet with a series of virtual performances and exhibitions.

Some of the line-up includes a new piece by dance artist Anna Torkkel called ‘Vanitas’, the radio documentary This Is How You Will Disappear, Anna Paavilainen’s ‘Play Rape’, and a workshop by Mårten Spångberg with the tagline “choreography is for people, dance of the angels”.

See the Baltic Circle website for details. **

Anna Torkkel: VANITAS (teaser) from Baltic Circle on Vimeo

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