Yo-Yo Star

Yo-Yo Star

6 July 2011

VBS is back! Back to join the DYI string of vintage video makers with psychedelic spasms for the summer… but in the case of Rob Jones, he’s back to prove that his eternal loops and his intention  “to blend all the different types of music I’ve been making together,” are the best ingredients for a great second “musical cabinet of curiosities”.

Joining Rob on the album are Welsh singer-songwriter Sweet Baboo on saxophone plus Rob’s girlfriend on sampled vocals for Do The Hand Jive.“I asked her to make up a tune on the spot, a cappella, recorded it on my iPhone and used that as a sample on the chorus,” says Rob, who also enlisted his mum to say random words on the same tune (we’ll see how this goes…).

His new album “‘Grandad Galaxy” will be released in 2 weeks on Split Records, but until then… you can enjoy this single, stream it, and download it as many times as you wish (which btw… it won’t be featured on the album).

Yo-Yo Star by TheVoluntaryButlerScheme

Although our favorite remains that Tabasco Sole with the Christal Connections Line Dancers…

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